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What is an LED screen?

10 Oct, 2022 | uncategorized

An LED screen is a flat screen made up of LED diodes, these light-emitting diodes make up the pixels of the screen. The resolution of LED screens is determined by the distance between the pixels, that is, the pixel pitch. The size of LED screens is variable, from small LED screens to giant LED screens. The advantages of an LED screen are its durability, its high gloss and its dimensions, making them ideal for attracting customers such as LED displays for shop windows or to display content to a wide audience, such as on events, concerts, or for the retransmission of matches, among other applications.

What is a diode?


As we have explained before, An LED screen is made up of light-emitting diodes.. A light-emitting diode is made up of a semiconductor chip protected by a transparent plastic casing. The semiconductor chip emits light with a different wave frequency depending on the desired color, and the casing, being transparent, allows light to circulate through it.

Pixels y resolution

Each LED diode forms a pixel. The set of pixels is what allows you to see the image. How many more pixels we have, more resolution will have the image. In the following image we can see an example of how an image changes according to the pixels availables.





What is a led screen

Which LED display is the best choice?

The pixel pitch is the distance between pixels. We will obtain a greater resolution the smaller that pixel pitch distance is, since we will have a greater density of pixels. The higher the resolution of the LED screen, that is, the lower the pixel pitch value, the more expensive the screen will be.
But what is the ideal pixel pitch for my LED screen?? That it will depend on the location. For example, a highway LED display it does not require the same resolution as one for storefronts. The ideal pixel pitch is given by the distance at which users they will see the screen. In other words, if the screen is placed on a façade at a height of 2 meters, users they will see about 4 m away, so so much, the ideal pixel pitch is 4, it is say, we will want a P4 screen.


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