LED displays for airports and stations

Advertising LED technology helps travelers at airports and stations make their visit and stay more pleasant and bearable. There the importance of information screens for airports

Hen/Stag LED screens They are increasingly robust and sustainable in order to guide travelers on these long stays and at the same time show them third-party advertising.

LEDLEMON with its LED technology gives added value and meaning so that modern airports and stations are pleasant spaces as well as indicative in their spaces.

Today's airports are becoming more digital, as much of their revenue is through LED digital advertising.

Led screens for airports

Airports and train stations are one of the main LED digital advertising sites

LED advertising screens influence and influence a large number of travelers who spend long periods of waiting for these facilities to buy.

Optimal viewing angles as well as smaller pixel gaps equip our LED displays with excellent readability. For travelers traveling in the busiest areas of airports.

The best LED technology for airports

From the moment they pass through the boarding gates of any airport, travelers want to see information clearly, simply and directly. That is why LEDLEMON full resolution LED airport information displays bring new opportunities for multimedia advertising content previously exclusive to LCD displays.

The useful life of our LED screens is three times greater than any other LED alternative. Through demanding technical tests of interrupted use, your screen will be ready to serve at your airport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Infromative led screens for airports
Led screens for airports

Types of LEDLEMON screens for airports

With sharp details and vibrant colors, our large catalog of LED screens for airports and train stations, can be used as interior design elements as well as to create luxurious spaces in order to display digital art, advertising and clearly inform travelers.

Led mupis for airports

LED MUPIS for airports

The LED MUPIS they are a type of interactive led display that not only can display the information the airport needs to communicate with users, they are also devices that interact with passengers. By using MUPI LED, passengers can access the information they need in a tactile way through a personalized interface, which is always adjusted to the needs of the airport.

Led monoposters for airports

Mono LED posters for airports

The giant LED Monoposters are large-format structures ideal for installation in shopping centers, dealerships, motorway entrances and airports. They have great advertising impact and are ideal for promoting products or services for multinationals.
Led display airport information

Flight information LED displays

An excellent LED flight information board or video marker should be durable as well as highly readable.
The information screens for the airport must be able to provide everything from flight information, baggage claim, destination weather forecasts, as well as advertising ...

Led display of indication for airports

Wayfinding, Ticketing and Check-In LED screens:

Improve with our LED technology the access of travelers exhibiting airline logos, in addition to informing behind the counters, alleviating concern by guiding them to their respective boarding gates, and even baggage claims or other places of interest.

Lemon led screens advertising airports

LED advertising for airports

Immerse travelers in an unforgettable experience with eye-catching designs and innovative multimedia content with our digital LED screens, creating relaxed environments with huge economic returns.
Brands displayed in airport environments are synonymous with exclusive elite products. And to reflect that premium status, high-resolution, full-brightness LED displays are the perfect format.
Led screen entertainment for airports

LED entertainment screens

Enhance traveler experiences with eye-catching designs, creating a relaxed and interactive environment in moments of long waits.

Easy front change of fixed led modules

The front change LED modules are specially designed for outdoor fixed installations with custom structures, such as: LED advertising, LED signs, LED monoposters, LED signs that require front maintenance. They are much easier to repair and regulate, thus reducing large maintenance costs.

No tools or screws are required to exchange faulty LED modules. In just a few seconds the faulty LED module is removed and replaced with a new one.

    Front exchange led module

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