LED curtains and transparent LED screens for facades

LED curtains or transparent outdoor LED screens for facades they allow turning all types of building facades into a moving exhibition work and at the same time into an eye-catching advertising platform for passers-by, but never hiding the architectural aesthetics or the work or social activities behind the transparent LED curtains.

At LEDLEMON we are manufacturers and distributors specializing in outdoor Transparent LED Curtains for facades of buildings. The LED curtain has a transparency of up to 75%, they are made of stainless steel and without any type of cables, all with the aim of creating unique architectural facades.

State-of-the-art technology for creative spaces and unique visual experiences

We have the full range of video technology with LED products: Indoor LED displays y Exterior, Rigid and flexible LED curtains and even LED floors. As well as all its applications, especially for Digital Signage.
In our showroom, we have a wide range of our LED products on display so that our customers can see and touch their LED screen.

Applications for outdoor transparent LED screens and curtains.

All of our transparent LED curtains have up to 75% transparency. The design is modular, ultra thin and light, which allows easy and fast assembly and disassembly. In addition, they also have the levels of IP65 outdoor protection and flexible models. All this makes this type of LED Curtains ideal for a wide range of applications. For example:

  • Design and branding in buildings and facades.
  • Windows and shop windows where you want to keep the light from entering.
  • Minimalist and design spaces.
  • nightclubs
  • Modern art galleries with light effects.
  • TV, sets, acts and events for rent.

LED curtains are an ideal element to attract attention in a more elegant and subtle way. They are ideal for attracting customers, especially on important dates such as Christmas, since an LED curtain gives a special warmth to shops.

We have LED curtains for both sale and rent.

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Possibilities of LEDLEMON transparent LED displays:

Transparent LED screens transform architectural facades and shop windows in a dynamic way. They allow you to display content and LED advertising in a more elegant way, since they maintain the clarity and luminosity that enters from the outside

Outdoor LED Shades adapt to architecture and facade decorations to provide LED multimedia experiences with content of high visual value.

Led Lemon Curtain

Characteristics of Transparent LED Curtains and Screens

High transparency

High transparency

Thanks to its pixel strip structure, it achieves a high index of transparency (up to 75%) and minimal resistance to air or wind, reducing the candle effect.

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energy saving

The series of transparent LED curtains enhances all the advantages of LED technology, and especially its low consumption. Green technology for a more sustainable future.

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Adjustable and automatic brightness

The brightness is automatically adjusted according to the ambient light of the space or place, ensuring a comfortable vision, maximum image quality and high energy savings.

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External use

The models of transparent outdoor LED screens are suitable for the most adverse and aggressive climates. Their Exterior components and electronics are highly protected, being ultra-resistant to humidity, dust and corrosion.

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Wide viewing angle

The color temperature of the displayed image is very consistent even at viewing angles greater than 150º, allowing your LED curtain to have a greater viewing angle by viewers.

icon processed image

Image processing

High refresh rate and deep grayscale depth that ensure superior image quality for commercial applications of outdoor LED curtains.

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Content update

I control the contents of your clients from the application on the Internet, which allows you to save on additional computers per screen.
Know the status of the transparent LED displays, if They are showing the content and even if they are on or off.

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Ultra lightweight design

All LED curtain models are characterized by a light weight, which facilitates the installation and handling of LED panels, both in fixed installations and as a rental product.


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