LED displays for taxis and vehicles

Led screens for trucks

LED displays for taxis and vehicles are the most effective advertising devices for your advertisers.

With LED advertising screens, advertising is no longer static, but also mobile, thanks to mobile LED advertising screens that can be installed on vehicles specially equipped for transport such as taxis, vans and trucks. Thanks to these high quality LED screen you can transmit HD videos, photos of products or advertising services of your clients.

Vehicle LED displays are another way to reach a large potential audience, as it is not the audience that reaches the ad, but rather the ad moves through town to reach the audience.

Fully customizable vehicle LED displays

The mobile LED advertising screens marketed by LEDLEMON are you totally customized in size and image resolution according to the requirements of our clients.

For this, our technical team can provide you with the necessary advice and guidance to obtain the LED screen that best suits your needs.

Advertising LED screens for vans

Manage the LED advertising of your taxis in the best possible way

The advertising of its advertisers can be seen throughout the city while circulating through it. LEDLEMON has a very easy control and content management system and those for LED screens of your taxis, all with the aim of achieving the most efficient transmission of advertising messages.
Led advertising for taxis

How and when to control the emissions of my mobile LED advertising screens?

Each of the LED Mobile Advertising Screens has incorporated a content reproduction system, as well as the possibility of having Very easy to use external programs that help with the interaction of different LED screens at the same time.

LEDLEMON will advise you on choosing the ideal control system for each case, with specialists in this type of control systems.

led screen control software
led screen control software

Using computers with an Internet connection, LEDLEMON advertising displays can be programmed anytime, anywhere. In this way, you can broadcast your clients' advertising when it suits you best, helping to increase visibility without the use of a paper billboard.

We manufacture and install LED screens for taxis, trucks, vans and private transport according to your needs and with customized budgets.

Types and characteristics of mobile LED displays for vehicles

Mobile advertising LED displays can be manufactured and installed to  any car, vans or trucks. They are characterized by withstanding adverse weather conditions such as rain, sunlight and snow.

On the other hand, mobile advertising screens are more attractive than conventional ones, since they have a high level of technology, and can be accompanied by sound effects, so that they have the ability to attract audiences.

Led advertising for taxis

LED displays for taxis and private vehicles:

Earn extra income with your taxi fleet thanks to LED advertising technology:
This model of LEDLEMON mobile LED advertising screens for taxis have a screen resolution of P5 mm., with a high brightness led where we can project images and videos in broad daylight. Resounding success in the advertising campaign for taxi drivers.

advertising led displays for buses

LED displays for buses:

The use of LED displays for buses they can have different functions inside and outside the car that circulates on the streets of cities, from serving as informative element regarding the use of the public service, or to be able to broadcast messages and all kinds of dynamic advertising content.
advertising led screens for camoinetas

LED displays for trucks and vans:

LED displays for vans, vans or trucks is a great option for the mobile LED display rental business. The client who hires this type of LED screen manages to get to where his target audience is, in order to reach the heart of the consumer.

Who needs an advertising LED display for their vehicle?

Mobile advertising LED screens are very useful for displaying all kinds of content required by any type of business. Therefore, its use can be used by department stores and large-scale events (such as concerts or mass events).

Led advertising for taxis
Led screens for vans

The mobility of one of the LED screens in vehicles has a decisive influence on the use of these devices, so that it can reach the maximum target audience.

Mobile advertising LED displays are already a the most creative and strategic communication medium due to its high resolution and maximum quality. Being able to broadcast multimedia formats, various messages that decisively support the positioning of the brand or promote activities at the same time.


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