LED screen for shops and businesses

Led screens for the retail sector

An LED screen for stores is the ideal element to capture the attention of customers. In fact, it is an element that allows you to modernize the business and dynamically advertise any store or business.

Standing out from the crowd to capture the attention of customers is essential to the success of any business. That is why LED displays for shops are so important. Besides, they drive sales and strengthen brand identity. 

At Led Lemon we are experts and we have a wide catalog of LED screens for shops, businesses, shops, shopping centers and shop windows.

Modernize your store with an LED screen

To modernize a store, an essential element is an LED screen. Thanks to LED screens for shops you can update your business to attract new customers. Additionally, a retail LED display allows you to dynamically output content with vibrant colors and high brightness. Thus, you will be able to announce discounts, offers and special promotions of your store without going unnoticed.

led display store
Led displays for shops

LED displays increase revenue

The effects of a LED screen for shops are remarkable from the first moment. Due to the fact that the LED screen allows stores to show innovative products, services, offers and promotions efficiently, quickly, spectacularly and attractively. That's why, the number of customers and income increases

Advertising screens, the new revolution

LED screens for shops can be installed in the interior, on the facade Exterior, in the showcase or even in the soil. In addition, advertising displays can also be curves and adapt to the architecture of the store.

The enormous brightness and large size of retail LED displays have a huge impact on ordinary citizens. Due, advertising screens are increasingly replacing professional televisions and traditional advertising.

Ultimately, LED screens are the most innovative and attractive mechanism for shops, shop windows, shops and the retail sector.

curved led screens for stores

An LED screen is used to modernize, decorate and advertise, improving brand image and increasing sales.

 Types of LED screens for shops, shops and businesses

Compared with other types of advertising elements, this type of LED display for the retail sector is Lighter, they attract more attention due to their high brightness and allow for greater integration with the environment.

Outdoor led screens for shop windows

Showcases with outdoor LED screens:

LED screens for outdoor shop windows are a great claim. Because they allow you to show images and videos that capture the attention of the public, differentiating yourself from the competition.

In addition, LED window displays are ideal for modernizing any store, and their vibrant colors and high brightness attract new customers. On the other hand, We manufacture and assemble custom LED advertising screens, so we adapt to the size of the showcase.

In summary, The best ally for a store window is an LED screen. Because LED advertising allows you to create messages, display images, videos, offers and much more. Consequently, you will get modernize, gain visibility, differentiate yourself from the competition and increase the sales of your business.

Indoor led displays for shops

LED displays for interior shop windows:

Generally, in shop windows that are not exposed to sunlight, it is recommended to install indoor LED screens.

In fact, LED screens for indoor stores allow you to modernize the store, as well as increase sales since its vibrant colors and high brightness capture the attention of customers.

Also, an advantage of LED screens for indoor shop windows is that they are cheaper than outdoor ones, because they do not need to counteract the sun's rays. However, as with outdoor LED displays, We can manufacture them completely to measure.
They are often used to display promotional videos and special offers. In fact, these advertising screens for stores are usually installed in shopping malls, airport stores, or storefronts without direct sunlight.

Led screens for shop decoration

Decoration with LED screens for shops:

Another great advantage of LED screens for stores is that there is also the possibility of using them as decoration of the interior of the store. For example, modernizing your premises, through the integration of LED screens in prominent areas.

In fact, at LEDLEMON we build LED screens for custom stores, even with irregular shapes. Thus, you can cover columns, furniture, POS headboards, decorate walls, floors, and ceilings. In addition, we have flat, curved and flexible screens. In short, everything you imagined we will make it come true.

LED screens for stores intended for decoration are an ideal element to modernize and consolidate your brand image. In addition, you can create exclusive areas, VIP areas, payment areas with news, trends, sales, discounts, promotions and much more.

Led screens for PLV decoration

LED displays for furniture or gondolas (PLV):

LED screens for Gondola or PLV furniture are ideal to further highlight PLV gondolas, shelves or islands. Because we manufacture to measure both in dimensions and finishes, we can adapt to your premises and help you stand out.
Likewise, LED screens for PLV are ideal for promoting products both in supermarkets and in stores, malls, supermarkets, perfumeries, pharmacies, etc.
This type of LED advertising allows to highlight the exhibition of products. For example, it allows display dynamic information, product features, offers, promotional campaigns, presentations and much more.

Led screen for plv decoration

LED linear bars for shelves:

The LED lines or bars are small in size and are specially designed to be placed on the shelves of the gondolas of the shops, although they can also be integrated into POS, furniture and decoration.

In addition, these LED screens for stores allow to modernize and better inform customers of the star products of the business.
Normally, they are used to increase the visibility of the most profitable or innovative products. In fact, videos of the product are usually shown to capture the customer's attention. 
In summary, LED lines or bars are LED displays for stores that allow certain products to be highlighted in order to increase sales. For example, you will be able to highlight your brand or product and even inform about offers and promotions in real time.

Curved led displays for shops

Curved LED screens for shopping centers:

 Curved LED screens for stores allow you to customize the interior with decorative elements, fully integrated into the premises.

In addition, you can modernize your store and consolidate your brand image, thus standing out from the competition and attracting more customers.

High resolution curved LED screens will allow you to broadcast any video, offer or promotion on them in order to significantly increase your sales and your image.

In addition, At LEDLEMON we build custom LED screens for stores, so we adapt to your premises. For example, we have a wide variety of products, such as totems, monoliths, columns, counters, exhibitors, floors, displays and much more.

Optimal Features for Indoor LED Displays

LED displays located on the walls, columns or ceilings inside the store are very close to people, Therefore, they must be user of high resolution and with a lower Pixel Pitch.

It is important to know that each screen resolution (Pixel Pitch) is always proportional to its size. If we choose an LED screen with smaller pixels and without considering other variables, we will possibly pay more unnecessarily for that LED screen.

Pixel (Pitch)mm:P3, P4 and P5
Maximum brightness:3500 nits
Average duration of the led: 120.000 h.
Refresh frequency:5.000 Hz



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