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Outdoor LED screens are progressively replacing billboards and print posters. At LEDLEMON we are clear that they are the advertising trend on public roads. The giant outdoor LED screens have to be protected from inclement weather: such as extreme temperatures, dust, wind and rain. The grade serves to indicate the level of protection for the Front and a grade for the Rear. 

LEDLEMON as assemblers and assemblers strive to offer rugged LED displays that can be relied on in harsh weather conditions to ensure around 100.000 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Giant outdoor LED advertising screens are a great option to achieve great business results, impact large audiences and convey information effectively.

Rugged and trusted outdoor LED displays

Our outdoor LED screens are designed and tested to withstand all inclement weather. Our line of exterior products are resistant to the elements that produce direct sunlight, rain, wind and dirt, thus providing a product in which you can rely on 365 days a year up to a 5-year warranty

Integration of an LED Screen

Any company can mount a large outdoor LED screen in a building, but a totally different thing is to carry out LED technology to its advertising project. En LEDLEMON Each client has a technical supervisor, dedicated exclusively to checking before, during and after the installation, in order to guarantee that there are no surprises during the entire process.

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Customization of outdoor LED screens

First of all our goal is to help your advertising vision become a reality. That is why we will advise you at all times to offer you the latest trends and LED technology to increase your visual impact.
We install any size or shape throughout the national territory and we advise you on the display of any advertisement, video and images for the optimal use of your outdoor LED display.

Today's outdoor LED advertising displays can completely change the way you do business for your company. Through this constantly evolving novel technology, you can attract more potential customers. At LEDLEMON you will find several types of LED advertising screens, each of which can respond to different scenarios and needs.

Types of outdoor LED screens

Outdoor led screens led lemon

Custom outdoor LED screens

We manufacture and install outdoor LED screens of any size. We work with clients to find the best solution for size and profitability.
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Large or giant outdoor LED screens

Large LED screens are installed on the facade and with special brackets. They are manufactured by modules of different sizes according to the resolution, thus being able to assemble each screen according to the client's needs. Our technical team manufactures the structure of the LED screen, thus we offer turnkey LED projects.

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LED monoposters

The giant LED Monoposters are large-format structures ideal for installation in shopping centers, dealerships, motorway entrances and airports. They have great impact and are ideal for promoting products or services for multinationals.

Currently the latest models of outdoor LED screens are high brightness, high outdoor protection and low power consumption.


  • billo: 8.000 nits | 10.000 nits
  • AVG Power: only 147W / m2
  • Protection level: IP65 / IP54
  • Resolutions: P6.6 | P8 | Q10  
  • Low power and voltage integrated circuit.
  • Energy self-management.
  • Separate and efficient power supply.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment both at night and during the day.
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We want to know about you and your LED project. For this reason, we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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