LED Displays and Digital Signage for Supermarkets

Led screens for supermarkets

At LEDLEMON we are specialists in the installation of LED digital signage, LED advertising screens and Digital Signage for Supermarkets.

Thanks to our LED screens increase potential customer acquisition both inside and outside the supermarket or establishment.

This new LED digital signage allows one of the fundamental novelties: the constant updating of content thanks to the reproduction of audiovisual digital content.

Advantages and increased sales thanks to the LED digital billboard

One of the biggest advantages of digital signage in supermarkets is that any advertising campaign can be planned accurately and efficiently in real time. It is widely used in franchises, since they install these LED screens and simultaneously reproduce the advertising campaigns all the screens at the same time. In this case, it allows us to see the impact of the same campaign at different times. This is not only an advertising advantage, but it also gives you allows you to analyze and adjust advertising to suit each point of sale.
Led screens for supermarkets

The best LED technology for large commercial areas and supermarkets

Following other successful models in other countries, the presence of LED screens in Spain is increasingly intense as merchants and managers of shopping centers have seen the economic benefits due to the increase in LED advertising. The great advantage of LED digital signage in supermarkets is that the economic expense can be assumed in advance and, subsequently, it will be more cost effective than posters on paper, cardboard or plastic.

The advertising revolution of Digital Signage for Supermarkets

For many reasons, the supermarket is one of the best businesses to install LED screens. These spaces are usually large open surfaces, separated only by shelves of products, where there are a large number of posters.

Whether it's announcing a daily deal, promoting a product on sale, or welcoming your customers. For all these uses they make the surface consume many and continuous economic costs. Also, as a marketing strategy, LED digital advertising is more attractive to customers and that is why it is updated every day. For these reasons, LED digital signage is the perfect choice for these establishments.

Installing LED digital signage in a supermarket has some great strides. The first is to be able to inform customers of prices, promotions and daily offers.

By placing multiple LED displays according to the size of the supermarket, the entrance, exit and the space in between can be covered in an efficient and simple way. In fact you can program the offer of the day on the entrance and hall screens and in the meantime at the exit you can announce the offer of the next day, permanent promotion, etc.

Led screens for supermarkets
Led screens for supermarkets
Led screens for supermarkets
Led screens for supermarkets

The possibilities of LED digital signage in supermarkets are endless. This will also be a way to attract the public and arouse an increasing interest in its surface.

The installation of Digital Signage for supermarkets has become a reality. In fact, it is one of the first industries to adopt this technology. Supermarkets have realized the advantages of using such LED signs for their sales and customers.

Even more importart, today hardware and software is developed specifically for supermarket shopping areas.

Before placing LED digital signage in a supermarket, market research should be considered. This research will point out which areas are best for different LED screens and when one advertisement or another that appears on different LED screens can be used the most.

In this way, different announcements can be scheduled for each screen at a specific time of day. Thanks to a proper market study, its operation can be optimized to the maximum and efficiency can be improved.

Types of LED displays for supermarkets

On LED screens in supermarkets, users of these devices with LED technology can easily change advertising content with specific offers or discounts, can be updated day by day and can be changed according to the public that visits us each time. For example, adult visitors on Monday through Friday are different from family visitors on weekends.

Outdoor led display for supermarkets

Outdoor LED screens for supermarkets:

Outdoor LED displays for supermarkets have a fast return on investment. LEDLEMON offers payment facilities and comprehensive services for turnkey LED projects. Except for installation and maintenance, we are not responsible for license management and project execution. We offer a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Our LED screens provide an eye-catching stage and an easy-to-use technology platform. Therefore, with the excellent visibility that LED displays provide, brand owners can more easily advertise and attract potential passersby. We design and manufacture all types of outdoor LED screens with a structure anchored to the facade of the supermarket.

Indoor LED displays for supermarkets

Indoor LED displays for supermarkets:

Marketing experts are developing exciting projects that allow the content of indoor LED displays in supermarkets to have the greatest impact with customers.

Market studies have shown that the reproduction of products, offers or prices in the LED displays in supermarkets stay in the customer's brain longer.

Therefore, advertising and marketing experts highly value the placement of indoor LED screens in supermarkets and the retial sector. Experts guarantee good sales results when it comes to promoting themselves and gaining greater visibility among potential customers.

LED mupis for supermarkets

LED Mupis and Tottems for supermarkets:

LED Mupis and Tottems are a high-quality device for reporting Supermarket offers, product layout, advertising ...

At LEDLEMON we manufacture indoor Digital Signage technology of all sizes and characteristics for supermarkets and large stores.

We have standard measures, in SMD LED and touch LCD, depending on the use and final location, it is recommended to opt for one or the other. Our models have low energy consumption and high durability components.

Multi Touch LED for supermarkets

Multi touch LCD for supermarkets:

At LEDLEMON we install all kinds of Multi Touch devices for supermarkets. To create maximum impact and interactivity with buyers, this LED technology can be placed in flexible installations of videowalls of any size. A very useful device so that users can see the stock, price or reserve products of different sections.
Curved LED displays for supermarkets

Curved LED displays for supermarkets:

Fully personalize your supermarket interior with decorative elements by integrating high-resolution LED screens.
Totems, monoliths, columns, counters, exhibitors, floors, displays. It is the latest in interior decoration in supermarkets. LEDLEMON uses high resolution curved, corner, flexible or curtain LED screens.

LED displays for supermarket displays

LED displays of exhibitors for supermarkets:

At LEDLEMON we have all kinds of 100% customizable LED screens in size, resolution and finishes for any display area of ​​your store, point of sale, supermarket shelves ... Our LED advertising displays can be adapted to exhibitors, dynamic POS for supermarkets, shop windows, columns, furniture, shelves ... In this way, the product is combined with its multimedia content or with the image of the brand.

6 compelling reasons to install led screens in shopping centers

1.- Most shocking messages:

Due to the use of moving images, video, audio and animation, the broadcast news is even more impressive. LED technology provides excellent quality and brightness, leaving a deep impression on the customer and having a lasting impact on the target market.

2.- LED screens can be installed in any space:

LED displays can be customized to fit any indoor or outdoor space and locationThat is why they become the best option to be installed in the points with the most traffic and visibility of the shopping center.

3.- They influence the customer's purchase:

With the help of LED displays, brands can be very close to attracting new customers. This is one of the main reasons why many Shopping centers have placed LED advertising screens in prominent places in their facilities.

4.- Quick amortization of the investment:

Lifetime advertising has gone down in history. You will quickly amortize the initial investment since you will not have to change printed labels, posters, flyers, canvas ... when one commercial campaign ends and another begins.

5.- Focus your LED advertising campaigns on more specific targets:

The connection between brand content and customers is more important than ever, because digital communications create specific customer groups more clearly. This ability to personalize content makes business messages popular with customers and even more compelling.

6.- Better control the measurement of results:

LED digital communication has the advantage of controlling the conversion of the advertising campaigns with the most impact. If the message does not generate impact among consumers, it is very easy to change your LED advertising in a very short time and try new options. Now is the time to optimize your LED message for greater impact.


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