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Indoor LED mupi LEDLEMON

El mupi o LED totem (Advertising and Informative Urban Furniture) or Opis (Informational Advertising Object) can also be installed with LED screens on one or two sides and/or with frontal maintenance. The sale and installation of LED Mupis by LEDLEMON, our most versatile LED screen is the ideal companion for implementing low-cost advertising campaigns, thanks to its excellent brightness. Its small size and multiple possibilities make it the perfect choice to connect and interact with the user.

You will get a quick return on the investment made thanks to the integration of the campaigns you generate.


Another of the many advantages of outdoor LED MUPIS is its ease of assembly. Being a compact element, a foundation is not necessary to hold it to the ground. The same base of the MUPI LED already integrates a fixing system to the ground.

Another possibility is the possibility of installing a mobile LED Mupi, highly stable thanks to its wide base and with the possibility of incorporating wheels.

It is the easiest type of LED screen to install, since you only have to transport it to the desired space and plug it into the power. The LED Mupis that we manufacture in LEDLEMON are connected by Wifi for remote control and contain a content manager that will be stored internally in its memory.

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We modernize our cities with Digital Signage

With LED technology and Digital Signage, LEDLEMON contributes to modernizing our towns and cities. The dissemination of information and municipal campaigns make the actions of the Public Sector more visible to the citizen.

All LED projects for town halls made by LEDLEMON that are ready to work from the beginning, each project is different, that is why our technicians will look for the best solution in each case. We have professional assemblers who manufacture and install all kinds of mono poster or led screen for public entities.


The MUPI LEDs are a type of Led signage for citizen information, ideal for advertising applications thanks to their excellent luminosity, they are also known as totems.

OPIS and LED Totems from LEDLEMON offer outdoor advertising through high-quality videos and images. Obviously, the enormous benefits of launching video-based ad campaigns far outweigh those of traditional outdoor advertising media.

It should be noted that through centralized management software, the maintenance and personnel costs necessary for the continuous replacement of traditional paper supports are reduced.

LEDLEMON manufactures 3 types of LED technology for Mupis:

  • Generic: Use of generic LED screen.
  • For more detailed information with higher resolution: Professional outdoor LCDs (Full-HD or 4K).
  • Interactive Totems: Contains professional outdoor touch LCD.

How to display multimedia content on LED Mupis?

The vertical format of the Mupi LED makes it necessary to generate adequate content for this format. All your videos and images have to be adapted to the vertical playback system.

Once the images or videos are created, you just need to select the appropriate time to manage your stream. Remember, your ad content needs to be tailored to the target audience to have the greatest impact.

These types of LED screens are usually controlled via the internet, using our software and server to send the information to several LED Mupis at the same time or separately. This system is ideal for not worrying about connections and to facilitate the updating of content in our OPIS and led totems. In any case, it can also be managed by USB, ETHERNET, 4G ...

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Characteristics of the Mupis, LED Totem and OPIS

These types of LED screens are usually observed or interact at short distances both indoors and outdoors, that is why LEDLEMON manufactures them with high screen resolution and high brightness. For example, the model Outdoor LED Mupis LM100 is manufactured with 1R1G1B SMD LEDs. Our client can choose between CREE, NICHIA, EPISTAR LEDs ...

The metal structure will be made according to the client's instructions, and although we have standard structures, They can be modified by adding double-sided, wheels or static rear advertising.

At LEDLEMON we manufacture LED Mupis of customized sizes according to the client's needs. Request the size you want and we will manufacture it for you immediately.

How to remotely control LED information displays?

Our LED screens include advanced playback software where you can schedule broadcasts according to the date and time you want, or play different types of multimedia content.

Today Digital Signage is on the rise, as many companies begin to have numerous LED displays.

Led screen software control
Led screen software control
To manage a large number of advertising screens, you need advanced software to manage information quickly and dynamically.

  1. Monitor what is playing and its status on each screen.
  2. Modify your announcements and announcements individually or in groups.
  3. Broadcast live content - streaming.
  4. Notification notification in real time.
  5. Manages published ads to generate and calculate your profit, content editor, operational statistics, access to multiplatform systems (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS ...)


We want to know about you and your LED project. For this reason, we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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