Outdoor Cinema LED Screens

Rental of LED cinema screens for the outdoors, the best option for good weather

The arrival of good weather and the COVID pandemic has brought a very common fashion in many cities and towns: outdoor cinemas. Despite its many advantages, there are several main reasons for its success: economically affordable, quick and easy installation, and good public acceptanceas it can sometimes outgrow the influx of traditional movie theaters.

For this reason, at LEDLEMON Screens we offer you the best outdoor cinema LED screens., with the aim that viewers enjoy the highest quality and a unique experience in each projection.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this can be an excellent alternative for many movie theaters that, due to its versatility in installation and rapid amortization.

Mobile Truck Cinema LED Screen

First of all, an outdoor LED film screen installation involves building a mobile truck. Now if you don't know what a mobile Ruck is, you can simply think of it as a mobile billboard or LED display. In other words, these are dedicated LED screens for projecting movies mounted on the sides of trucks or trailers. In this way the truck or van is the perfect setting, quick and direct assembly for your town or event.

Mobile LED Screen for Cinemas
Mobile LED Screen for Cinemas

To create this mobile LED display setup, you must find a perfect mobile screen similar in size to the side of the truck. Also, the advantage of these LED displays is that you don't have to worry about installing them in a fixed position.

On the contrary, in adverse weather conditions; simply shelter the truck in a garage and use the mobile cinema LED screen for future outdoor movie plans.

Cinema LED screen rental setup

This type of rental LED screens for outdoor cinemas, is simply to install the LED screen in an ideal place outdoors, so that all audiences can enjoy it.

That stands out the large number of spaces in which outdoor movie screenings can be held. For example, they can be placed outdoor LED displays in streets, squares, parks, gardens, sports fields or courts, patios, civic centers, parking lots (a valid way for drive-ins, currently very fashionable called drive-in) ... And even on the terraces of some buildings or on stages.

What size is suitable for outdoor LED film screen?

Another very important issue to consider before blindly investing in any LED display and setting it up as a outdoor LED film screen is that you need to determine the correct size.

Of course, you are not organizing a party or meeting. Therefore, large, high-quality displays are not useful in all respects. Also, if you choose an outdoor LED cinema screen that is too small, your outdoor cinema experience may not be very good.

Also, if you choose an outdoor LED cinema screen that is too small, your outdoor cinema experience may not be very good. So, when investing in or renting in outdoor LED cinema screens, be sure to choose the correct size to suit your budget and cinema projecting needs. To do this, you can search for resolutions starting at P4,8 or lower for LED screens starting at 5m. wide x 3 m. High. This measurement will be used as an example for an optimal outdoor cinema LED screen size to deliver a good movie experience.

Now that we have discovered everything; from why you need a cinema LED screen to what type you should choose and even the size then get the best placement, without direct sunlight exposure for the installation of the outdoor LED screen and make it a unique experience perfect for everyone.


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