LED displays for dealerships

Led displays for dealerships

Buying a car at a dealership is a visual and sensory experience thanks to LED screens for dealerships.

The brands in the sector when a potential potential customer enters the dealership want them to be impressed with their vehicles and this is where the LED screens for dealerships come into play.
Because a high-impact advertisement can help to convince them.

LED screens for dealerships are an excellent way to offer advertising in a flexible and dynamic way, very much in line with the motor industry. Broadcasting videos of cars on display at the dealership allows you to get an idea of ​​the car in motion in different spaces. In addition to being able to send advertising messages more focused on the target and in a more attractive way.

The motor industry has its own language of communication.

El advertising message is not necessarily linked to the performance or characteristics of the car: on the contrary, the aim is to sell a way of life behind the wheel.

Led displays for dealerships

Advertising LED screens for dealerships play a very important emotional role with direct and impressive messages.

Types of LED screens for dealerships and fairs in the automotive sector

In no time you will be able to create and organize ads anywhere with maximum flexibility. Further, LEDLEMON's integrated display software allows you to generate content without prior programming or design knowledge.

Outdoor led display for dealerships

Outdoor LED displays for dealerships:

The tendency that all dealers in a population are concentrated in the same area or polygon, makes the outdoor led screen be an attractive and safe solution to differentiate yourself from the competition.

In addition to allowing the display of the dealer's business name, it can also be published advertisements for used or second-hand cars, as well as other services (such as own workshop or after-sales service) Through videos and dynamic photos, exposed throughout the day to adjust to the maximum possible customer who passes in front of the establishment in each time slot.

LEDLEMON we are specialists in the installation of outdoor LED screens for dealerships on building facades with high visibility, on monoliths and raised poles.

Indoor led display for dealerships

Indoor LED displays for dealerships:

This type of indoor LED display for dealerships is installed in commercial areas, halls, lobbies, automotive fair stands, meeting rooms, vehicle delivery areas ... Make your customer loyal by showing their differences with respect to your competition, such as financing, warranty, maintenance, after-sales service ...

Some dealerships choose to use interactive advertising with LCD or plasma flat panel televisions. However, their smaller size since they are not as bright as professional LED screens when they receive direct sunlight, means that they are not the best option.

Led flooring for motor shows

LED flooring for dealerships:

Advertise your latest model or use LEDLEMON flooring to highlight the vehicle's exterior shape. Especially suitable for trade shows and exhibitions of the auto show.

It supports the weight of the vehicle and at the same time can play multimedia content as an attractive and innovative solution.

The LED floors in the motor sector they are also used in the vehicle delivery area, an original and impressive way to build customer loyalty at the special moment of the premiere of your vehicle.

LED curtains for dealerships

LED curtains for dealerships:

Hen/Stag LED curtains they are a good option to divide and separate the wide spaces from dealerships and to be able to differentiate well the different types of car models.

They can also be installed for large shop windows, in this way the LED curtains let in light from the outside with their 70% transparency and at the same time being able to expose digital advertising of the brand.

Led monoposter for dealerships

LED monoposter for dealerships:

The giant LED Monoposters are large-format structures ideal for installation in dealerships, access to highways, industrial estates or shopping centers which is where dealers are today.

LED monoposters are usually 8 to 10m. with outdoor LED screens ranging from 8x4m. at 10x5m. double-sided so they can see the largest possible audience from a great distance.

Led mupis for dealers

LED mupis for dealerships:

LED digital mupis They are a great complement to reinforce indoor LED screens in dealerships.

They are Digital Signage devices and interactive information points that help to quickly display other characteristics, models and colors of vehicles to increase your options to increase sales.

Digital Signage at dealerships

Similar to gas stations, many companies have chosen LED digital signage technology at their dealerships and eventually implemented these LED displays. Therefore, Car brand owners can directly provide up-to-date information on company offers, discounts and advertisements, thus converting their visitors into potential customers.

The objective of Digital Signage in dealerships is to show customers different models of the brand's vehicles and show them all their characteristics, that is why these screens are also very useful in dealerships. By delivering digital content, in terms of brand experience, it is easier to meet the growing consumer demand, thus conveying a modern and current image of the brand.

In general, the dynamic content seen in dealerships is having a lot of success, since, thanks to its efficiency, visits to these establishments increase and, consequently, sales made. LEDLEMON we are specialists in LED digital signage in dealerships and we are committed to dynamic advertising to carry it out to companies in the sector, as it helps them achieve greater proximity to the target audience, establishing positive and lasting relationships with clients.


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