LED Screens for Casinos and Arcades

LED screens for casinos and game rooms allow establish new channels of communication with players, improve the visual experience of customers, give prizes and program advertising content. They are ideal for casinos, arcades, card rooms and sports bars. .

They create a state-of-the-art experience in the room by building customer and player loyalty, thus increasing your profits in the short term.

At LEDLEMON we install LED screens for casinos and game rooms, as well as Video Walls with multifunction systems for commercial televisions. LED digital screens are large format, high brightness and tailored to meet your project.

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, dynamically post promotions and rewards with just a few clicks.

An extremely flexible, precise and easy-to-use specialized software that allows you to update screen content remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Modernize your casino

LED screens for casinos and arcades are a good ally, as they manage to make your business stand out, making it more striking and attractive, thus creating a memorable gaming atmosphere.

The ideal option for casinos and game rooms are LED screens, because they generate a unique sensory experience for customers that allows them to escape and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

By implementing our LED digital signage circuit in your casino or gaming room, we offer you more than just placing a digital LED screen or a television. We propose to create a unique and tailor-made space to maximize the experience and enjoyment of the players.

Adapt to the new generation of digital gamers:

Eliminate the cost of traditional printed signs by using digital signage LED display circuitry that allow you to update content remotely.

LED screens for casinos and game rooms
LED screens for casinos and game rooms

With our system of professional LED digital screens you will be able to differentiate the content by game rooms and screen areas.

No need to go to the gaming floor to control the content on your LED digital display for casinos and gaming floors. With an internet connection you can manage all your content easily and remotely in just a few clicks. In this way, you will minimize costs, fix errors quickly and avoid reprints.

Other applications of LED screens for casinos and game rooms

screens and led curtains for casinos facades

Exterior LED curtains for facades

We install transparent LED curtains y LED screens for caseinos and game rooms on exterior facades.

Transparent LED curtains and LED screens for casinos and arcades on the facade are very useful to attract the attention of potential customers passing by. In addition, installing LED electronic signs on the facades ensures that your business is more eye-catching and stands out from a distance.

Indoor LED displays for casinos and arcades

Indoor Casino LED Displays

The LED screens for casinos and indoor arcades they allow to display the name of the establishment, inform about promotions, announce prizes, advertise events, etc.

LED screens help both to retain customers and win new ones. For example, they allow you to offer live football matches or horse races to bet on, in addition to advertisements. own, promotions and events. They are very versatile and allow you to expose everything you want. Our giant LED screens they are the best option to fill your casino or arcade with the matches of the European Leagues and the Champions League.

multitouch for casinos and game rooms

Multitouch LCD for casinos and arcades

LEDLEMON's range of multitouch screen solutions for casinos and arcades allows for a complete Digital Signage solution.

Incorporating different models of devices that will allow all kinds of information to be displayed in an attractive way, increasing the effectiveness of the message, the interaction with the client and the visibility of your business.

As for example the offer of food and drink, players club, upcoming events and games, distribution of table games.

LED screens to broadcast sporting events in the Sports Bar


The giant LED screens or the video walls they make the experience of watching a game that much more exciting. They are ideal for watching sports, since they involve viewers more than conventional televisions, they make them vibrate and make the experience a memorable memory.

With LEDLEMON's professional LED digital screens, you can create an unforgettable visual experience of any sporting event for your clients in the Sports Bar.

LED screens for casinos and game rooms
LED screens for casinos and game rooms

These LED screens for casinos and game rooms are an incentive to fill your Sports Bar with customers, and thus view major sporting events: leagues, championships, races... in the company of fans.

All matches can be seen from any angle, thus guaranteeing the visibility of all customers.

LED digital screens allow broadcasting different football matches or sporting events at the same time, so that all your customers can find their favorite sports club matches in the same space of your casino or betting room.


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