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LED displays for shop windows

The implementation of LED screens or LED curtains is on the rise and they are the first stores to install them, to be the most visually attractive in their commercial area.

LED advertising displays for shop windows (showcase display) are the perfect medium to spread advertisements, promotions, displaying seasonal products and all kinds of advertising outside or inside our facilities. 

LED displays in store windows are the most suitable option for your business, since it allows to reach potential customers in a longer period of time and with the least effort. The current price of LED shop window displays has been reduced considerably, allowing you to easily install this device in any store or business.

Have you ever seen an LED display advertising sale prices in shop windows?

The commercial areas of the big cities are full of illuminated advertising and traditional posters. That is why the public tends to ignore them, due to the exhaustion of the amount of promotional messages they receive every day. For this reason, it explains the great importance of standing out among your competitors to attract the attention of your potential clients in an effective and direct way through LED screens for shop windows.

Advantages of LED displays in shop windows

Our LED displays for premises and shop windows are an ideal way to attract public attention and passersby from the commercial area to their commercial premises or shop windows for the following reasons:

  • They feature large text, photos, and video content.
  • They provide 10 times the brightness of home LCD screens.
  • They are very eye-catching and fully visible under strong light.
  • They provide custom sizes to adapt to shop windows or showcases.

Led displays for shop windows

How to choose an LED screen for your showcase?

Customers know very well that buying LED screens for their business or storefront is a good proposition, but they don't know where to start. Many people ask the following questions: How to choose the size, the quality of the screen, the type of pixel pitch? and many more.

Choosing the ideal size for the indoor LED screen of your showcase

The first question is to know the size of the LED screen we want. For this we must measure the surface to be covered with the screen. We manufacture the indoor LED displays of shop windows for our clients, so we must know precisely the largest surface size that we can cover, in order to attract more attention

Choose the correct Pixel Pitch 

Choosing the right Pixel Pitch resolution for clients raises doubts and uncertainties about their correct choice. We have great experience we advise clients about the best pixelation options since we have carried out thousands of installations throughout Spain. If you have any questions, please contact our sales representative.

Assembly and installation 

At LEDLEMON we have a team of specialized and highly experienced assemblers for the installation of LED screens for your business. We move throughout the national territory and its LED display can be assembled in a matter of hours depending on the size and its location.

Playback of videos and images 

LEDLEMON has easy to understand and handle applications to program your multimedia content on your LED screens, with a very simple and fast learning curve. In this way we achieve that, in a very short time, the clinte is able to start loading and managing the content of his screen.

The clearer, more concise and direct the message that you want to communicate to the customer, the more attention it will capture and the more impact it will have on your customers. You must make eye-catching videos with contrasting colors by combining large format texts.

Optimal Features for Indoor LED Displays

LED displays located on the walls, columns or ceilings inside the store are very close to people, Therefore, they must be user of high resolution and with a lower Pixel Pitch.

It is important to know that each screen resolution (Pixel Pitch) is always proportional to its size. If we choose an LED screen with smaller pixels and without considering other variables, we will possibly pay more unnecessarily for that LED screen.

Pixel (Pitch)mm:P3, P4 and P5
Maximum brightness:3500 nits
Average duration of the led: 120.000 h.
Refresh frequency:5.000 Hz



We want to hear from you and your LED project, that's why we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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