Management software for LED screens

LED display software

Everything you need to know to broadcast and reproduce content on advertising led screens.

Our LED display includes advanced playback software, in addition to scheduling playback according to the required date and time, it can also play a variety of content.

Our clients are professional advertising companies, so they need professional remote and remote control systems, with strong LED display content design capabilities.

Rental LED screens used in exhibition stands and conferences are LED panels that can reproduce high-resolution images and videos, their brightness is better than other devices, such as traditional monitors and projectors where glare or reflections are annoying on the screen. In this way you will get unmatched lighting.

Digital signage on LED screens is in one of the best moments, because many companies are beginning to have many LED screens. Managing a group of advertising LED screens requires an advanced system to manage your information quickly and dynamically. There are a lot of digital signage software on the market, but not all of them meet the necessary requirements to give the best performance to LED displays.

LED display software

At LEDLEMON we have the best content software for LED screens that are very easy to use in any environment and at any time.

At LEDLEMON our clients have a large number of LED advertising screens, That is why we have a professional digital signage system fully adapted to LED screens.

LED display software

Our multimedia content management system allows you to control hundreds of LED screens from the same device.

With our software, you can:
LED display software

Monitor what's playing and its status on each screen:

With our software for LED displays you can manage the status of each screen at all times from anywhere or with any device.
LED display software

Modify your announcements and announcement individually or in groups:

You can schedule your ad lists to play at the time, day and screen that suits you best.
LED display software

Broadcast content in streaming:

With our software you can not only program content but you can use your LED screen as television or to show streaming content from social networks such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.
LED display software

Real-time notification:

With our software for LED screens you can manage at any time and instantly any content on your LED screens and You will receive notifications and data analytics about your customers' interactions.

LED display software

Manage published announcements:

Manage all types of ads with any multimedia format, such as: JPG, AVI, MP4, MOV, GIF ...

LED display software

Access to multiplatform systems:

Our Software is available for any multiplatform such as: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS ...  You will not have to change devices to manage your ads on our LED screens

Download Software LED Screens

    • Control program for live LED screens (Synchronous System). Nova studio
    • Live LED screen setup program (Synchronous System). New LCT
    • Control program for delayed LED screens (Asynchronous System).
      ViPlex Express
    • VNNOX simulation program for PC live and delayed (Synchronous and Asynchronous System) saw player
    • Control program for delayed LED screens for Smarthone (Asynchronous System). Viplex Handy Android
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