LED displays for gas stations and service areas

Led displays for gas stations

LED screens in service stations and gas stations can not only show the prices of different fuels, but also show any other type of products or services. Gas stations, being in strategically very good places, offer relevant information on the LED screen, thus attracting new customers to stop.

LED screens in service stations respond to these advertising and informational needs, For this reason, to increase and improve the advertising impact, all the daily prices of fuels, services or outstanding offers are shown.

Priced modules of any size and color of LEDs 

In this sense, the LED price displays for the service areas of the gas stations have increased in recent times, helping to clearly display prices to attract potential customers.

Characteristics of LED Advertising Signs for Gas Stations

These types of electronic gas station LED signs have great precision when displaying advertising, but over time, they have become ideal LED technology to convey useful information to drivers. Being able to show safety information or even road safety phone numbers.

Led displays for gas stations
led monoposter for gas stations

Its manufacture is not far from the traditional LED screens that have been sold for many years, the peculiarity is that this type of signs sacrifice some elements to offer clearer information. In addition, they are electronic devices with LED technology that are easy to program and fully manufactured to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Who said gas stations can't advertise with LED screens?

More and more service stations are betting on adding high resolution LED video displays on your totem, mupi or even in shop windows or walls. It is one of the most impressive ways to promote the most outstanding products or services. Once installed, the return on investment is guaranteed in a short time.

Led monoliths for gas stations

LED applications for gas stations and service areas

Prices led screens for gas stations

LED price modules for gas stations:

LEDLEMON install precious LED modules in  gas stations and service areas of all sizes and with a variety of colors throughout the national territory.

These Displays are made with high brightness LEDs to be installed outdoors, even if they are exposed to the sun directly, they can be easily read. 

At LEDLEMON we have a technical team that is at your disposal when you have any questions about updating prices for your gas station.

Led monoliths for gas stations

LED monoliths for gas stations:

At LEDLEMON we manufacture LED monoliths for gas stations of all sizes and designs. 

You can also choose color and digit height to display fuel prices, number of faces, incorporating LED prices as you need, high-quality vinyl lettering with your company logo and the possibility of adding a clock. 

You can also add a high resolution outdoor advertising LED display to the top to highlight other services and offers from your gas station. 

Led screens for hotels

LED monoposters for service areas:

The giant LED Monoposters are large-format structures ideal to install in dealerships, access to highways, industrial estates, gas stations or shopping centers.

LED monoposters are usually 8 to 10m. with outdoor LED screens ranging from 8x4m. at 10x5m. double-sided so they can see the largest possible audience from a great distance.

Due to their large dimensions and high resolution, they are perfect to highlight other services or offers from your gas station. 

Operation of LED screens in gas stations and service stations.

The operation of the LED screen in gas stations is very simple. Anyone in the company can change fuel prices with control software from a mobile phone or computer.

You can also update prices remotely over the internet and from home, as long as your computer has installed the LEDLEMON software or application and there is an internet connection. 

Led screen software control


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