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What are LED signs?

LED electronic signs are the most efficient and economical form of outdoor advertising in all types of stores and establishments. His way of presenting information dynamically has an attraction for passersby. Electronic LED signs or signs are specially designed for outdoor advertising. They have a high brightness LED that is fully visible in direct sunlight.

The high durability and high quality of the manufactured LEDs allow to show product announcements, promotions, schedules and services 24 hours a day.

In this way thanks to LED electronic signs you can attract potential customers and minimize the cost of traditional static advertising (such as billboards or billboards).

In cities there are more and more visual stimuli, so it is essential that every company stands out and differentiates itself thanks to the high luminosity of LED electronic signs.

These LED electronic signs have a wide variety of light effects, text animations and the possibility of displaying date, time or temperature ... to make your store stand out from the competition.

Who needs an electronic LED sign?

Illuminated LED signs are perfect for all types of businesses: shops and franchises, clinics, offices, restaurants, discos, hotels and other hospitality businesses; tobacconists, hairdressers, opticians, pharmacies, driving schools, parking lots ...

A luminous advertising sign is essential for any store or business that wants take advantage of new technologies (ICT) to increase your sales and show an image of modernity for your business.

With LED electronic signs, you will capture the attention of pedestrians. If your content is catchy, an increase in the number of interested people is guaranteed. In addition, you will amortize it in a very short time.

Characteristics of electronic signs and LED signs

The most remarkable thing about an LED luminous sign is its strategic installation. We must not lose sight of the great importance of a commercial label, because it is the most important and striking element of a company and therefore it is the first thing we see from afar.

It is important that these illuminated signs are attractive. That is why it is important to reproduce attractive video content to gain commercial impact.

In addition, as they are LED devices, their consumption is very low, so we can turn them on and spread our offers throughout the day or even 24 hours a day.

They are usually manufactured in standard formats but They can also be made completely to measure according to:

1.- Size.
2.- Number of Colors.
3.- Color type.
4.- Number of lines….
5.- Indoor or outdoor use.
6.- Viewing Distance.
7.- Leds size.
8.- Led distance.

The main characteristics of LED signs are:

1.- Ease of programming.
2.- Versatility of uses.
3.- High luminosity.
4.- Easy installation.
5.- Economicity.

4 Advantages of electronic signs and LED signs for a business

1.- They definitely attract new customers:

Thanks to brightness of LEDs and visual movement of screens Outdoor LED, pedestrians receive your advertising messages more easily than with traditional illuminated signs.

2.- Change of advertising content whenever you want:

LEDLEMON Illuminated LED Signs allow you to schedule your message at the time of day that suits you best. In this way, it is possible to impact the potential buyer more and better, which will increase the effectiveness of the ads. In other words, LED displays allow you to display a large number of different advertisements at various time intervals.. Therefore, the versatility of LED billboards will help you reduce your budget for traditional advertising.

3.- Content control from home:

LEDLEMON LED electronic signs and labels can be manage remotely through a simple internet connection. You can control all kinds of advertising screens with just a few clicks and without the need for prior knowledge.

4.- Low technical maintenance and long durability:

LED digital signs require little maintenance and are highly resistant to rain, wind and snow. Since they have an average durability of 100.000 hours, that's why all our products have warranty of up to 5 years.

LedLemon electronic signs


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