Transparent LED curtains prices and rates

Transparent LED Curtain Example:
Aluminum Cabinets Structure and 4.500 Nits of Brightness

Transparent led curtain

In this section you will find all the prices per m2 of the transparent LED curtains according to screen resolution or Pixel Pitch. 
Contact the commercial department of LEDLEMON to learn more about our prices, since our rates vary according to the m2 contracted, quantities, quality, brightness, format, shape and offers regulated according to LEDLEMON. 

All rates for our Transparent LED Curtains include:

  • Content management software.
  • 2 year warranty on defective parts.
  • Training Course.
  • 360 day online assistance.
  • Advice for installation.
Outdoor Transparent LED Curtain - 4.500 Nits of brightness - Aluminum Structure (50cmx100cm)
Outdoor Transparent LED Curtain Pixel Pitch 10-10F:€ 1.755 x m2
Outdoor Transparent LED Curtain Pixel Pitch 7.8-7.8F:€ 1.920 x m2
Outdoor Transparent LED Curtain Pixel Pitch 3.9-7.8F:€ 2.195 x m2

Observations of all our transparent LED curtains:

  • Average delivery time estimated between 8 and 10 weeks.
  • High quality components, CE certified.
  • Pre-sale commercial and technical advice.
  • All prices are without 21% VAT.
  • Price subject to change according to quantities, exchange between currencies and international environment 

If you want a complementary service, you have:

  • Warranty extension of up to 5 years.
  • Annual TotalCare maintenance.
  • Design and content creation.
  • Modification and content management.
  • Manufacture and placement of structures.
  • Express Manufacturing (+/- 25-35 days).
  • Creation of projects and visas.
  • Processing of permits.
  • Fly Cases (Suitcases for easy transport).
  • Multichannels, mixers and climbers.

Our transparent LED curtains do not include:

  • Control system and works in electrical panel.
  • Structure, elevators and connections, movements and maintenance.
  • Shipping, accommodation and allowances.

Example of transparent outdoor LED curtain:
Aluminum structure

Transparent led curtain

Some examples of projects with transparent outdoor LED curtains made by LEDLEMON

How to remotely control LED information displays?

Our LED screens include advanced playback software where you can schedule broadcasts according to the date and time you want, or play different types of multimedia content.

Today Digital Signage is on the rise, as many companies begin to have numerous LED displays.

To manage a large number of advertising screens, you need advanced software to manage information quickly and dynamically.

  1. Monitor what is playing and its status on each screen.
  2. Modify your announcements and announcements individually or in groups.
  3. Broadcast live content - streaming.
  4. Notification notification in real time.
  5. Manages published ads to generate and calculate your profit, content editor, operational statistics, access to multiplatform systems (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS ...)
control led screens


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