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We have already finished the holidays

22 Aug, 2022 | uncategorized

We are back from vacation

At Led Lemon we have already finished the holidays, and it's time to say goodbye to endless pool baths. yese days off also end, the weeks of disconnection and we return to day to day, to routine and daily work. But we have already got down to work and we are working to offer our customers the best service in the LED screen market.

This year we have decided, due to the great demand for our products, to reduce the days of summer vacations and in this way be able to provide the best service from these dates of the year.

Experts say that motivating your team when you return from summer vacation is very important to have a good work rhythm.

LED screens in summer

This summer LED screens have been essential for many activities that have been carried out in the last three months.

We can find them in numerous festivals and musical concerts that after Covid-19 we have been able to resume normally. We have also been able to see these LED devices in the outdoor cinemas, a great idea for summer nights. And of course, in the tourist field such as campsites and hotels.

LED screens for summer


What services do we offer?

Our company specialized in LED screens offers countless models depending on the place where it is installed and the customer's taste. After many years of experience in this technological field, our team increases according to the needs that arise over time.

In addition to the service of the sale of LED screens of any type such as custom LED screens, giant LED screens, indoor led displaysoutdoor LED displays, etc.

We also offer a LED screen repair service When buying one of our products, we offer a guarantee in a defined time in case the LED screen suffers from a system error or a component needs to be changed. In the event that the screen is not from our manufacturer, we also provide this service with a specific cost depending on the failure of the LED screen.

About us

We pride ourselves on our work and focus to deliver the best result thanks to our great technical team. We are specialists in LED screens, we have years of experience in the sector and we have made various installations of LED screens for important events.

Call us and we will help you in everything possible to make your experience more than satisfactory.

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