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Any information provided on this website will be treated fairly and lawfully, guaranteeing security and confidentiality at all times. At LEDLEMON we are committed to acting responsibly and complying with the principles and rights set forth in Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 27, General Data Protection (RGPD) and other applicable regulations.

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The use of the data and information obtained by LEDLEMON has the following purposes:

  • Obtaining data for purchasing management: The main purpose of this treatment is to maintain the contractual relationship with our clients and facilitate the processing of orders on our part.
  • Obtaining data to send promotions and advertising: The main purpose of said treatment is the management of registered users on our website, as well as the sending of advertising, discounts and promotions related to the products and services marketed by LEDLEMON.

LEDLEMON ensures the confidentiality of the data provided and guarantees that, in no case, will they be transferred for any other use without the prior and express consent of our users. We will only ask for those data necessary for the provision of the required service and they will only be used for this purpose.

For the registration, purchase and management of the guarantees we will base the treatment of the data provided by the client.

To send commercial information, we will base the treatment on your consent, although if you are already a customer, we can send you information about similar products, always providing you with a simple and free means to unsubscribe.

The consent here provided by the Owner for communication of data to third parties is revocable at all times, without retroactive effect.

On the occasion of the purchase, your data may be communicated to the following recipients:

  • Banking entities for the payment of purchases by bank transfer.
  • To Technical Services in the case of warranties or repairs. To those transport companies that may have commissioned the shipment to customers of the corresponding orders. These recipients may be located within Spanish territory or outside it, depending on the product and / or service purchased.
  • In the cases legally established, as is the case of the Security Forces and Corps.
  • To the public administrations to which we have to provide information in order to comply with our legal obligations.

LEDLEMON ensures the confidentiality of the data provided and guarantees that, in no case, will they be transferred for any other use without the prior and express consent of our clients. We will only ask for those data necessary for the sale or provision of the required service and they will only be used for this purpose.

The interested party has the following rights:

  • You can request information about the stored personal data that concerns you (access)
  • You may request that the inaccuracy of your personal data be corrected. (rectification)
  • You can request the deletion or limitation of the processing of your personal data and (deletion and limitation)
  • You can also request that your personal data be made available to you in a structured, current and machine-readable format. (portability)

In compliance with the provisions of the RGPD, LEDLEMON customers can, at any time, exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to their personal data, communicating it in writing to LEDLEMON, C / Santander 1, 19005, Guadalajara - Madrid (CIF: B-55758706) or by sending an email to:

The interested party also has the right to file a claim with the data protection authorities (Spanish Data Protection Agency). However, any question related to the data we invite you to contact us to solve it.

To answer any question related to the data protection policy, you can contact the following email address

The personal data provided will be kept as long as the provision of the service is maintained and / or during the time required by legal responsibility.

Through our website you can access the social networks Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram, all of them open access to all users. These are websites where the user can register and follow us for free. In these social networks, users will be able to learn about our activities, opinions, access photos and videos. Users of these social networks must be aware that this place is independent from the web and is open, that is, it is visible to all its users, and the privacy policies to apply to these contents are those established by Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram. LEDLEMON is not the owner of social networks.

Any information provided on this website will be treated fairly and lawfully, guaranteeing security and confidentiality at all times. At LEDLEMON we are committed to acting responsibly and complying at all times with the principles and rights set forth in Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 27, General Data Protection (RGPD) and other applicable regulations.

Protocol and conditions of sale
The objective of this document is to establish the detailed protocol of the post-purchase process to guarantee the correct installation of the LED device, as well as the rights and obligations of both the client and the selling company, LedLemon. In order to ensure an optimally satisfactory experience for our customers, we have developed a series of guidelines and procedures that ensure the correct installation of the LED fixture.

Initial payment
Once the quote is accepted, the client must proceed to the first payment, paying the amount agreed in the quote.

Installation information
The company will contact the customer to collect the information necessary for the installation process. The information that the technician will request is detailed below, as well as some optional services that the client can contract and the obligations that must be met in relation to the location of the screen. These obligations are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the purchasing client.

Desired location of LED display
Detailed information, including photos and necessary details, must be provided so that the company can plan the installation correctly. For example, if installing on a wall, details about the wall materials must be provided.

Support structure
If the client wishes to install the screen on a structure instead of anchoring it directly to the wall, LedLemon has a specialized technical team to design and manufacture the necessary structure. The cost of the structure is not included in the price of the screen.

Secure location access
If technicians cannot safely and directly access the site, the client must have the necessary elevators for the correct installation of the screen. The cost of renting elevators is the responsibility of the client.

Required permissions
If civil works permits or other legal permits need to be obtained, the client is fully responsible for acquiring such permits.

Electrical supplies
The customer must ensure that the location has an electrical outlet in the desired location for the LED screen. If there is no electrical outlet, the client must hire an electrician at their own expense.

Internet connection
The client must guarantee the availability of an internet connection. The data network must be operational on the day of installation to properly configure the display. In addition, you need to know the location of the router and its distance from the screen.

aesthetic finishes
If the client wants specific aesthetic finishes, such as finials, backs, frames, materials, paint color..., it must be taken into account that these are not included in the price of the screen. However, LedLemon does offer cosmetic finishing services and may provide an additional quote.

Custom content
With the purchase of the screen, 2 personalized contents are included. The LedLemon design team will contact the client to find out their wishes and receive the necessary multimedia files, such as logos, photos or videos. The content created by LedLemon will be used for initial testing during installation. Once the screen is installed, that content will become the property of the client and will be broadcast continuously if desired.

Additional documentation
The client must inform if it is necessary to upload documentation regarding the company or workers to a management platform. The management cost of uploading these documents is €950 and is not included in the price of the screen.

Pre-installation work
Once all the details of the installation have been agreed between both parties, LedLemon will carry out preliminary work using the information provided by the client. This pre-work includes creating the multimedia content, fabricating structures or aesthetic finishes if necessary, and planning the installation based on information provided by the buyer.

Second payment
Before installation, the client must pay the second agreed payment.

Instalation date
The selling company will contact the client to agree on an installation date. The chosen day and time may be modified if agreed upon by the parties. Additionally, the availability of necessary permits and, if applicable, elevators will be confirmed.

Site verification
In the event that, on the day of installation, LedLemon verifies that the location described by the client does not comply with the information provided, the client must pay for any extra work necessary to complete the correct installation. In addition, on the day of installation, the client must have an electrician and computer technician. We recommend having it under prior notice, although generally its services will not be necessary. In the event that the LedLemon company requires it, this must appear together with the elevators.

It is LedLemon's responsibility to properly install the LED display and put it into operation.

Third payment
Once the LED screen is installed, the client must pay the third payment agreed on the invoice.

Screen Property
LedLemon will retain ownership of the LED display until the customer has paid the entire invoice. Consequently, the LED screen will be the property of the client only and exclusively when the client has paid in full for the screen.

LedLemon screens have a 3-year warranty on defective parts. The % of LEDs to consider that a module has to be changed is 2%. The warranty does not include the travel of technicians to the place where the screen is. If the guarantee has to be carried out in our facilities, it will have no cost.

In case of non-payment by the client, LedLemon reserves all rights to the installed LED screen. Non-payment will in no case depend on the completion of aesthetic finishes as long as the screen is on and working correctly. After 30 days of non-payment, LedLemon may suspend, turn off or even uninstall the screen. LedLemon will not be responsible for image damage or uninstallation costs. In this case, if the screen is not in the same state of conservation as when it was installed, the customer must bear the repair costs.

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