Informational LED Digital Panels

Informative LED digital panels are the ideal tool to share information in a dynamic way.

Information screens or information panels are used to share content, such as: indications, warnings, weather, event information, advertising, etc.

If these information screens are LED panels, they also allow update your content remotely with just a few clicks. So in the long run it means savings in both materials and labor.

Information LED panels are very useful for town halls, since they not only modernize the town, but are really useful for transmitting information to citizens

At LEDLEMON we manufacture and install LED information screens. We make LED panels to measure, both for interiors and exteriors.

Utilities of the Informative LED Panels

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info city

We have worked with a multitude of public entities to install Infocity LED screens or LED informative Mono posters in their towns. The goal is to be able to communicate more dynamically and easily with citizens.

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Environmental Information

In our informative LED panels you will be able to inform the public about weather conditions of a certain place.

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Speed ​​indicators

Digital LED panels are equipped with a whole series of technological systems, as well as surveillance cameras in order to be able to persuade those who move at inappropriate speeds.

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Bicycle counters

The Informative LED Screens transmit information of community importance, relevant data and of public interest that they want to make known, such as the Bicycle counters.

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VideoStand municipalities

The Videostands for Town Halls are a type of LED Information Panels that are as versatile as they are innovative in the transition of current or advertising messages for citizens.

Keep your city in touch and notify all kinds of events, activities, etc.


Technological progress helps the development of LED information panels for town halls and public administrations. In simple terms, an LED panel is made up of a series of LED modules, which are connected together on a rigid base. When these modules work together, they can transmit all kinds of information, especially information with Dynamic Ads.

These informational LED panels are also called mupis,  LED totem (Urban Advertising and Informative Furniture) or IPOs (Informative Advertising Object).

LED information boards are versatile, which means they can be installed indoors and outdoors. Indoor and outdoor LED panels are different, as They respond to different standards of protection and resistance. The exteriors have a certain degree of impermeability, which makes them more resistant to bad weather meteorological, that is, to environmental factors such as snow, rain, sun and wind.

Informative LED Mono Poster panels or Infocity:

We have worked with a multitude of public entities, they usually choose Infocity LED panels or LED informative Mono poster to install in their towns. Its purpose is to provide information about road traffic, weather conditions, air quality, wind speed, showing useful telephone numbers, orienting visitors, warning of emergencies on public roads or even raising public awareness in periods of COVID-19 health crisis.

For this reason, at LEDLEMON we pay special attention to the manufacture and assembly of all kinds of Infocity LED screens and Mono posters throughout Spain. We understand the importance of transmitting truthful and dynamic information to connect with the citizen and thus keep the population informed.

Advertising LED digital panels

We manufacture and assemble custom LED panels to meet the requirements of each client.

The size of the LED panels must be adapted to the type of content that you want to transmit. In other words, the LED electronic panels used to inform about traffic are different from those that transmit information about weekend cultural programs.

The LED panels must be adapted to the type of information they transmit, but also to the available physical measurements of the location of the information screen and the distance at which the viewer will view the information.

Our specialized technicians offer personalized advice to guide you and help you choose the product that best suits your needs. In addition, at LEDLEMON we manufacture and assemble customized LED information panels in order to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

At LEDLEMON we have a wide portfolio of products that make it easy for the choice of LED panel to also fit the client's budget.

Customized information panels:

The final size of each LED information panel is critical in determining what you want to convey. Undoubtedly, this decision must be made based on the type of content that you want to transmit, therefore using electronic panels to manage road traffic is not the same as transmitting information about weekend cultural programs.

For this decision, it is important to be advised by a LEDLEMON technician, who will be able to advise you according to the needs of content transmission.

At LEDLEMON our priority is to offer the customer the best option within their needs, to facilitate this work, We have a portfolio of high-quality LED technology products at the best price.

Information panels led measure

Manage advertising for advertising panels in the best way

One of the concerns of LEDLEMON's technical staff is to provide comprehensive services to more effectively manage the content in each of its digital advertising LED panels. These teams aim to deliver messages effectively and accurately to the passerby.

That is why the installation of one of LEDLEMON's LED information panels ensures efficient management of each programmed message through its online remote assistance system. This advantage will be provided according to the requirements of each customer, but will continue to be given over time as an after-sales guarantee for each LED screen.

How to remotely control LED information displays?

Our LED screens include a advanced playback software where you can schedule transmissions according to the date and time you want, or play different types of multimedia content.

Today Digital Signage is on the rise, as many companies begin to have numerous LED displays.

Led screen software control
Led screen software control
To manage a large number of advertising screens, you need advanced software to manage information quickly and dynamically.

  1. Monitor what is playing and its status on each screen.
  2. Modify your announcements and announcements individually or in groups.
  3. Broadcast live content - streaming.
  4. Notification notification in real time.
  5. Manages published ads to generate and calculate your profit, content editor, operational statistics, access to multiplatform systems (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS ...)


We want to know about you and your LED project. For this reason, we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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