Curved and flexible LED displays

Curved led screens
Curved LED displays provides a feeling of spaciousness and viewing angles really impressive thanks to its adaptability to irregular shapes in any space, facade or wall. Its great performance when it comes to reproducing a large amount of multimedia content in the form of videos, images and texts in various colors means that this type of screen is not ignored by the big brands, and takes advantage of its huge appeal to display your banner ads.

Curved LED screens for interior design

We have extensive experience and participation in the world of flexible LED displays to meet your needs, no matter how complicated they are, regardless of size, color, curvature, place, interaction, environment or interface. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and approach to curved LED display design within our great technical team. We draw on a wealth of resources that turns the challenge into achievable creative LED design. Our goal is to make every vision of our clients come true to achieve maximum impact by combining a modern and elegant style with the best of LED engineering on the market.

Flexible linear curved LED display

This kind of curved LED display is a linear movable text display with a deformable base. This great adaptability makes them suitable for various shapes and surfaces. They can take the form of pillars, columns, curved walls, corrugated surfaces, etc.. Its application in interior decoration and architecture projects opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Curved linear led displays
curved led displays

Characteristics of curved LED screens

These kinds of flexible LED displays have a variety of colors to choose from, including monochrome, tri-color, and full color, and they can display moving text and simple graphics.

Thanks to its base of deformable rubber and the magnetic parts embedded in its back, can take a variety of forms and can be placed on metal surfaces easily and quickly. This facilitates its installation and allows temporary assembly in stands of fairs and exhibitions.

Other types of curved and flexible LED displays

Curved LED displays can reproduce a wide variety of graphic and multimedia content, from live television signal, images, visual effects, videos ... by becoming eye-catching posters, the spaces where they are installed become attractive to passersby and tourists, increasing the influx and therefore providing commercial benefits to the surrounding businesses. Its spectacular nature turns any space and place into a visual impact. There are also public institutions that use curved LED screens to transmit general information to its citizens, such as the state of the roads, the parking spaces available in the city, meteorological information and cultural activities.
Curved and flexible LED displays

Full Color curved LED screens

This kind of high resolution or full color curved LED displays are also deformed and can take a variety of shapes to adapt to all kinds of curved surfaces, such as walls, columns, etc. They can even be used to completely cover indoor surfaces such as: exhibitors, discos or bars, walls, ceilings, shops, shopping centers ... They have the ability to play videos and animated backgrounds, which makes them very suitable for decorating banquet halls, hotels, fashion and accessories stores, shopping centers, bars, nightclubs, receptions, etc.
round screen led displays

Round Screen LED Screens

These creative curved LED displays let you play with curvature and they can achieve completely circular 360º solutions. The Round Screen is characterized by being a circular LED and aluminum structure that can have different diameters. The innovative Multiscreen system allows to project all kinds of 360º multimedia content, thus achieving a great visual impact. It is available in different sizes and diameters without having any type of constructive limitation.

Flexible LED display can be bent

Curved or flexible LED displays allow us to form unconventional designs and configurations, thus unleashing the creativity of the interior designers of the television sets.
The flexible LED display module is specially designed with rubber plastic parts that can be bent concave and convex without affecting the normal operation of the LED diode board.

Magnetic front hold

With the powerful magnets, Flexible LED display modules can be easily placed anywhere to form different creative LED display shapessuch as LED columns, curved, concave and convex LED displays. Installation and maintenance can be done from the front.

Curved LED displays


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