Professional LED screen rental service

Rental of led screens

Ledlemon as a company specialized in the assembly of LED screens puts at your disposal a service of LED screen rental both interior as exterior. This service includes the transport, assembly and start-up of all the technological components necessary for its correct operation. Our services of LED screen rental They include different options for all types of events sports, advertising events, marketing activities, promotions, Scenarios, performances or Shop windows.

Our goal is to provide companies with a total customized service that ranges from the assembly of the LED Screen in the chosen space to the final disassembly.

Why rent LED screens for events or performances?

The LED screen rental service that we provide at LEDLEMON is specially designed to provide high-quality, high-resolution visual effects. Can rent led screens indoor for conventions, theaters, auditoriums, dining rooms, press rooms, trade fair stands... or choose to rent outdoor LED screens for events and concerts.

For this, we have our own LED screens of different sizes and characteristics.

The purpose of our LED screen rental service is to offer marketing activities so that digital content or live broadcasts of your events can be viewed.

Renting LED screens for events, promotions or performances means giving a quality boost to your marketing actions. We know very well the great impact of an LED screen, that's why we guarantee successful results.

Rental of led screens

If you wish, we can provide you with all the rental material for the LED screen so that you can install it yourself, since you do not need prior technical knowledge and the assembly system is highly automated.

LED screen rental modules

Transportable LED modules

There are continuous displacements for different events, therefore The assembly and disassembly of these LED screens is carried out in a practical and light way.

LED screen rental modules

Very fast assembly

We use very high quality components for LED display working environment, in this way We will make your investment pay off in the maximum time possible.

Flightcase LED screen rental modules

Transportable LED modules

These LED modules have «Flightcase» or transport boxes, which protect the LED advertising screens against possible bumps in transport or for their own storage.

LED screens rented by different towns and events

Buy or rent?

LED screen rental is a growing business. In fact, the number of concerts and events that require professional quality audiovisual support is increasing day by day.

Depending on the size and time you need, the rental LED screen can have high costs and is not the best option.. At LEDLEMON we will analyze your event to assess whether the rental or purchase option is better, since few clients are unaware that the Buying LED screens pays off very quickly and you will be able to recoup your investment in just a few events.

led screen rental service


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Where and when do you need your rental LED screen? Tell us more about your event, where it is located, the date it will take place ... so that we can give you better advice.


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