LED screens for television sets

led screens for television sets

Currently, private and public television networks improve their audiovisual equipment and that is why LED screens for television sets have become an essential element in said improvement.
LED screens represent a revolution in the audiovisual field, and they have more and more different uses. Their great utility in television shows, events or as an advertising medium, added to their great visual appeal, makes them the best option to modernize any television network.

LED screens in television studios

The large format of LED screens in television studios, their diversified use and their great versatility make LED electronic screens a great attraction for all types of educational, informational or entertainment programs.

LEDLEMON guarantees television channels a whole series of high-quality visual solutions, with special emphasis on high-quality LED screens, characterized by their high brightness, contrast and resolution.

Installation of LED screens on television sets

The installation of LED screens on the TV sets, programs and "Reality Shows" provides an attractive distinction for all programs. Images, titles, animations, graphics, videos ... When projecting all this graphic material in a large formatLike an LED screen, everything looks different.

led screens for television sets

Functionalities of LED screens on television sets

The large format that LED screens offer us, their versatility and adaptability to adverse lighting conditions (a very important aspect on a television set) make LED screen technology a good ally. You just need to watch several programs with different themes and analyze how LED screens are perfectly implemented on every television set.
Led screens for news

LED Screens in News

As for news, newscasts and debates, we can see LED information screens in the background, while the presenter exposes the contents. In this case, the audiovisual content displayed on the LED screen is usually images, animations, data and titles to help the viewer understand the context.

led displays for weather

LED displays in time

For the time section, LED screens are in the main focus of attention where the presenter complements the meteorological information.

led screens for talent shows

LED screens in Reality Shows

On competition sets, LED screens play a very important role in generating different atmospheres and becoming a main part of their content. The ease of displaying text and graphics helps to follow the dynamics of the game. As regards the «Talent Shows», you can use the LED screens as a background to mount songs, or enlarge the image of the contestants when they are on stage.

Flexible LED display can be bent

Curved or flexible LED screens allows us to form unconventional designs and configurations, thus unleashing the creativity of the interior designers of the television sets.
The flexible LED display module is specially designed with rubber plastic parts that can be bent concave and convex without affecting the normal operation of the LED diode board.

Magnetic front hold

With the powerful magnets, Flexible LED display modules can be easily placed anywhere to form different creative LED display shapessuch as LED columns, curved, concave and convex LED displays. Installation and maintenance can be done from the front.

curved led displays


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