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An LED shop window screen provides unique interactive experiences to the consumer and is the future of window dressing, perfect for shop windows, columns and ceilings of all kinds of establishments that want to stand out from the competition. Advertising in the retail sector has developed a great evolution with the extraordinary solutions of LED technology, providing consumers with unique original information thanks to indoor LED displays. 

Thanks to its high luminosity, low consumption, installation versatility and lasting benefits for customers, several stores and businesses of all kinds, increasingly, are betting on LED technology to replace conventional televisions, which are smaller in size compared to the large windows and partitions of commercial premises. Its brightness is more striking than any conventional element used in shop windows, and the ease of reproducing content makes it easy to change themes, which saves materials and labor, adding to the effectiveness in marketing, LED screens and shop windows are best friends. 

Why install an indoor LED screen in my business?

At LEDLEMON we install indoor LED screens strategically on the walls and shop windows of your business and, due to their size and brightness, they will become a very eye-catching element for customers. Hen/Stag indoor led displays They perform various functions and can be located anywhere in a store, playing image and video formats (jpg, avi, mpeg ...) from different sources (Computer, DVD, Tv, ...).

Assembling a display for a shop window

At LEDLEMON, we provide you with indoor LED screens of various qualities, easy to install so they can be adapted to any size and viewing distance. Our window display will provide high quality brightness and resolution.

Indoor LED screens are made up of modules with different resolutions, so each screen can be installed according to customer needs and They are not resistant to water, so we will always have to install them in covered areas such as walls, shop windows, hanging, ceilings, columns, windows ...

Indoor led screen assembly

Personalization and applications of interior screens. Infinite possibilities in the shop windows.

Each client has their needs, so we suggest always looking the best solution. Depending on the location, distance or size, we recommend choosing one or another product from our catalog. 

Types of Indoor LEDLEMON Screens

At LEDLEMON we assemble and install all kinds of custom LED projects to make the most of the space.
Depending on the height, distance, light and location, we recommend one or another of our LED products.

lemon led display for shop windows

showcase screen

One of the most used LED screen examples in business. LED displays in shop windows increase product visibilityas they show spectacular images and videos that encourage passersby to enter.

Indoor led displays for columns

LED displays for columns

One of the best led displays for a store is the column led display help to expand the establishments and at the same time we offer information to customers about offers, services or other products.

Giant lemon led screen

Large or giant outdoor LED screens

Giant indoor LED screens are used in sporting events and conventions of fairs or companies and they are usually attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

Professional led flooring

LED flooring

The LED floor uses the same technology as a standard LED display but uses very resistant modules made of polycarbonate, which can support up to 400 Kg of weight. Its main applications are for trade fair stands, discos, pubs, stages and presentations or stores.

Ceiling led screens

Ceiling LED displays

We have installed various LED displays on shop ceilings and even new and interesting projects for museums, clubs, exhibition halls.


Professional led curtains

LED curtains

LED curtains or transparent indoor LED screens are used as room dividers or decorative elements and are generally placed behind the glass of a showcase. They are characterized by being foldable and the technology is hidden within the textile surface.

What resolution is the most suitable for an indoor LED screen?

Indoor LED displays installed on walls and shop windows They are very close to the clients, so they must be of higher resolution and have a lower Pixel Pitch. It is always advisable to ask our technical department for advice on finding the best resolution and at the best price for our display screen.

A recommendation of the most updated models today:

  • Pixel Pitch: P2,5 | P2,9 | P3 | P3,9 | Q4
  • Maximum brightness: 1500 nits
  • Average duration of the led: 100.000 h.
  • Contrast: 10.000:1
  • Frequency: 5.000 Hz
Indoor led display resolution


We want to know about you and your LED project. For this reason, we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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