LED displays for catering

LED screens for hotels
If you are the owner of a leisure or restaurant business, you surely know better than anyone the importance of having LED advertising or Digital Signage. LEDLEMON offers you LED screens for bars, discos, restaurants, hotels or campsites.

There are many advantages of installing LED advertising screens in your business both indoors and outdoors. It is a powerful visual communication and advertising tool for current or potential clients that will help you stand out from the competition.

LED screens are a perfect ally to differentiate themselves from other commercial media due to their high visual impact

Modernize your business

LED screens have become the most modern and attractive system used in shop windows, facades and other areas of your business.
LED digital signage and Digital Signage provide a flexible, economical and dynamic promotional platform for restaurants, bars, hotels and nightclubs.

With LEDLEMON LED digital signs you can communicate effectively and quickly with your potential customers, to advertise your products or events and at the same time improve your brand image.

Led screens for restaurants

LED screens for nightclubs:

Outdoor LED screens for discos or dance halls are usually mounted on the façade of the establishment as a sign or advertising claim and in outdoor areas such as chillouts or even terraces.

The illuminated LED signs in nightclubs are also often used as television or corporate advertising videos. Lately they are also used as decorative elements or covering areas such as stairs, columns, bars, floors, DJ booths and stage backgrounds.

Led Lemon screen for dj booth
led screens for nightclubs

Not only will you be able to put the name of the place but you will also be able to program the events agenda: sessions with resident or guest DJs, shows, performances and live concerts, university parties, theme parties, great nights indicated in the calendar ... You can program without the need for an investment in advertising, which can lead to short-term financial savings.

LEDLEMON manufactures 3 types of LED technology for nightclubs:

  • Outdoor LED screens: High resistance to admospheric phenomena.
  • Indoor LED screens: Ideal for programming the events agenda.
  • Transparent LED curtain: LED effects with transparencies on stages.

Other LED applications for restoration

LED screens for restaurants

LED displays for restaurants

LEDLEMON install LED screens in restaurants like Outdoor signs, in shop windows, on top of the boxes as product information with price and to replace conventional televisions.

LED advertising in restaurants is not only to show the name of the establishment, but also to show products and services that are offered. For example, it is possible to broadcast live images and videos of the cook preparing spectacular dishes.

LED screens for bars

LED screens for bars and cafes

Our LED digital advertising for bars will help you show the name of the establishment and inform about promotions, special events, etc.. We can also install you LED banners, ideal for all those establishment of passage to show text and dynamic images. LEDLEMON outdoor LED displays are highly durable and resistant to adverse atmospheric phenomena.

LED screens will help you build customer loyalty and win new ones. A clear example is the possibility of offering live football matches. For that, our giant LED screens are the best option. In this way you will fill your bar with the games of the League and the Champions League.

Led screens for hotels

LED screens for hotels and campsites:

Our LED screens for hotels and campsites are usually installed in stages to be used for concerts, performances, entertainment, convention presentations or simply for watching television.

LED screens are also installed as outdoor signage and as decorative elements in the lobby, reception areas and for information of public interest (Digital Signage).

How and when to control the emissions of my LED information screens?

LEDLEMON screens for bars, clubs and restaurants also incorporate software that allows you to generate, program and design your own advertising content without previous studies in graphic design or programming, obtaining professional results. In this way, you will reduce costs without the need to hire the services of advertising agencies..

led screen control software
led screen control software

Using computers with an Internet connection, LEDLEMON advertising displays can be programmed anytime, anywhere. In this way, you can broadcast when it suits you best, helping to increase the visibility of your business without the use of a paper billboard.

We manufacture and install LED screens for bars, discos and restaurants according to your needs and with customized budgets.


We want to know about you and your LED project. For this reason, we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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