LED crosses for pharmacies and clinics

LED crosses for Pharmacies
At LEDLEMON we have a large assortment of LED crosses for pharmacies. We manufacture all kinds of LED electronic signs not only for Pharmacies throughout the national territory, but also for Hospitals, Health Centers and Veterinary Clinics.
The installation of our LED Crosses for the health sector is very simple and can be done by any electrician or sign maker, since it only has to be anchored to the wall of the Pharmacy. In this way, your facade will attract attention.
LEDMON LED Crosses are of high brightness with the possibility of implementing important information and multimedia functions: In this way, they make it easy for users to quickly find the pharmacy and remember its location.

Animations of all kinds for Pharmacy Crossings

You can make a cross-selection and publish very attractive and useful content for your Pharmacy. Design original animations for any dimension in 2D or 3D or include informative data such as: time, date, temperature, warning phrases, high-quality advertising videos ... You can edit your information or advertising message from a mobile phone, tablet or PC. All this you will achieve through our intuitive software. As simple as that.

LED crosses for Pharmacies
led screen control software

Customize your content from anywhere with our software 

LEDLEMON has a powerful software dedicated to pharmacy crossings, where you can manage its brightness in a simple and intuitive way via Wi fi or Bluetooth ... all its content: from animations to the temperature, showing the days it is on duty, opening hours, discounts, promotions, information of interest to users and any other text that you want to show…. In addition, our LED screen management software also includes a content simulator to see how posts are displayed on the cross.

Maximum brightness on all our LED crosses

All our crosses for Pharmacies have high LED luminosity. That will make you stand out from the competition. Since they are visible from a great distance and in full sunlight. This factor, together with its ability to display sets of lighting effects of its LEDs, make them very striking at any time of day or night. Yes, thanks to his automatic brightness control and our remote control software.

All kinds of models, sizes and profiles of crosses for pharmacies

In our catalog of Crosses for Pharmacies, you will find all kinds of finishes, profiles, box shapes and colors to meet your needs. All our LED Crosses have an average life of 10 years and are low power consumption. Once you choose your LED Cross we manufacture and install it for you.
3D LED pharmacy cross

3D LED crosses

This type of pharmacy crosses allows you to create 2D and 3D images and animations without limitations. Besides showing the time, time and room temperature.
Full Color LED pharmacy cross

Crossovers LED VIDEO Full Color

This type of pharmacy crosses allows you to reproduce everything types of videos and animations in 2D and 3D, depending on the screen resolution you want. Besides showing the time, time and room temperature.
Tricolor LED Pharmacy Cross

Tricolor LED crosses

Illuminated pharmacy crosses at better price with three colors than our texts and icons. Our models more economical, they show the time, room temperature and have a multitude of striking LED lighting effects.
Cross pharmacy LED Monocolor

Monocolor LED crosses

Illuminated pharmacy crosses at the best price with a single colormore economical, they show the time, room temperature and have a multitude of striking LED lighting effects.

4 Advantages of electronic signs and LED signs for a business

1.- They definitely attract new customers:

Thanks to brightness of LEDs and visual movement of screens Outdoor LED, pedestrians receive your advertising messages more easily than with traditional illuminated signs.

2.- Change of advertising content whenever you want:

LEDLEMON Illuminated LED Signs allow you to schedule your message at the time of day that suits you best. In this way, it is possible to impact the potential buyer more and better, which will increase the effectiveness of the ads. In other words, LED displays allow you to display a large number of different advertisements at various time intervals.. Therefore, the versatility of LED billboards will help you reduce your budget for traditional advertising.

3.- Content control from home:

LEDLEMON LED electronic signs and labels can be manage remotely through a simple internet connection. You can control all kinds of advertising screens with just a few clicks and without the need for prior knowledge.

4.- Low technical maintenance and long durability:

LED digital signs require little maintenance and are highly resistant to rain, wind and snow. Since they have an average durability of 100.000 hours, that's why all our products have warranty of up to 5 years.

LED crosses for Pharmacies


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