Finance your new LED advertising screen

Financing of LED screens

At LEDLEMON we want to help you so that you can manage the renting or leasing of LED screens, digital totems, professional electronic signs ...

You will pay fixed monthly fees and you will enjoy all the LED digital technology that your company or business needs. At LEDLEMON we work with the most important financial company in the technological field.
A monthly renting fee is provided for your LED screen with a very low interest, and with a rate according to your economic needs. More importantly, in most cases, the monthly fee is much lower than the additional income provided by the display, so it is good value for money. In this way, companies of any size are just one step away from obtaining LED advertising screens, and therefore increasing their turnover thanks to this new Digital Signage technology.
Financing of LED screens

Large format LED advertising displays have many advantages that can help you grow your business, but buying them can be a significant investment in the beginning. Faced with this obstacle, LEDLEMON offers a very attractive solution.

Renting loyalty, you can expand, renew or modify equipment at any time

Our finance company IBERENT, Specialized in technological renting, it will provide you with infinite possibilities, since it will adapt to your needs by offering you value-added financial services.

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Advantages of our renting service for LED screens

LEDLEMON financing solutions are a great opportunity to purchase your own LED or Digital Signage digital advertising media. These are some of the advantages that we offer you:

You can buy LED screens, LED totems or electronic signs no upfront costs to manage your finances.
The monthly fee is reduced, tax deducting 100% of the amount of your LED screen, instead of an investment that must be amortized
You manage the financing through our professional team at LEDLEMON. We will advise you on the best LED screen / s for your project, simplifying the process and therefore saving valuable time.
We offer additional discounts on led screens to all companies that purchase the purchase in Renting.
LED advertising displays are good value for money, with immediate commercial benefits, and therefore you will quickly recoup your investment.
Renew your LED screen so you always have it latest in LED or Digital Signage technology after the end of the contract.
If necessary, you can include the cost of the installation in the financing to cover the whole project.

Approximate example to calculate the renting fees of the LED screens

The prices that appear as an example of the calculation of fees are always indicative, under study by our financial partner IBENENT.


We want to know about you and your LED project. For this reason, we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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