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Sale and rental of LED screens for stages and events

Rental of Led screens for events

El rental of LED screens for events and stages is a growing sector in the entertainment industries and live audiovisual productions. LEDLEMON giant screens for events are adaptable in both size and shape and can be installed quickly. In addition, the LED screens for stages will be seen by all those attending the events and concerts.

All events and scenarios have one thing in common: They start off with great visual impact.

What tools are you using to make sure your event is engaging, interactive, and unforgettable for attendees?

LEDLEMON is ready to help you take the production of your live event to another higher visual level with the rental of LED screens for stages, always with the best LED technology on the market.

Gaining personality and greatness at your event has never been easier.

Our experience has given us in-depth knowledge of the entertainment production industry, that's why LEDLEMON makes its vision a reality with high standards of technical customer service, which guarantees a successful show from the initial design to the execution of the event. Offering you the LED screens that best suit your event.

Rental of LED screens for advertising events

While many people find LED display rentals useful for concert venues and music events, the truth is that LED displays can be used in a wide variety of live event venues. In fact, many companies are turning to LED screen rental for live events, trade show booths, corporate advertising events, meetings, broadcasts, or recordings on television dishes.

Rental of Led screens for events
Rental of Led screens for events

At LEDLEMON we know how to integrate the LED video wall o LED Fanwall in the production of your event. We can help you create your event or concert from scratch, ensuring world-class quality and excellent execution from start to finish. We adapt the LED screens for the stage of your event.

Are you thinking of renting an LED screen for your advertising event? Tell us more about your event, the location, the date it will be held... in order to give you better advice.

Types of LED screens for events, concerts and stages:

As the live event industry evolves, LED technology advances, so LEDLEMON provides endless LED solutions for all your creative needs , such as curved LED screens or giant screens that can be installed with infinite sizes.

Giant LED Stage Screen

Giant LED screens for concert stages:

LEDLEMON's giant LED screens for events are installed on the same stage structure. For it, They are manufactured by modules of different sizes depending on the resolution, thus being able to assemble each screen according to the needs of the event or concert.
With our giant LED screens for concert stages you can easily and flexibly broadcast live by connecting your computer to offer your viewers and guests the highest quality in broadcasting content directly on screens.

Curved stage led screen

Curved screens for events, fairs and concerts:

LEDMON curved LED screens immerse the audience with real intensity in the multimedia content of the concert or event.
These creative LED screens for events allow you to play with their curvature and thus achieve completely circular solutions.
The Round Screen is a circular structure of led and aluminum that can have different diameters.
The innovative Multiscreen system allows a 360º image to be projected, thus achieving a great visual impact at the event.

Original LED screens for events

Creative LED displays for advertising events:

Flexible LED screens are usually installed on trade fair stands or suspended in the air in large hotel halls, casinos, museums ... since they can be adapted to any curved shape. This type of flexible LED screens are usually magnetic so that their anchoring is simple and fast, directly to the iron metal structure, however, they can also be screwed to the structure. They are generally indoor LED screens and with resolution limitation.

Live playback of images, videos and multimedia material

LED screens for stages transmit external video signals in real time, that is, they are connected to screens, cameras, computers, television broadcasts, etc. All this is done through a controller of multiple signal inputs.

At LEDLEMON, we have several controllers that allow us to select specific video inputs and apply effects and image and color corrections when necessary., all this to provide the transmission of high resolution content in real time on LED screens for events.

Our professional controllers scale content from any type of source (camera, PC, TV, decoder, etc) tailored to the stage LED screen and they allow you to exchange the input signal with a direct access physical button.

Especially suitable for LED screens for direct events, concerts, sports broadcasts, stages and content that requires switching between planes, signals and live inputs and simultaneously between the different video inputs.



We want to hear from you and your LED project, that's why we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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