LED flooring

LED Floor Structure
LEDLEMON technology for floors is booming in the world of large format LED displays. It is being used more and more in many environments, thanks to its many applications.

It can be applied in a multitude of environments such as: pubs, discos, stages, showrooms, trade fair stands, television sets ... since they have great dynamic appeal without limitation of shape or size.

LED flooring with the latest LED technology

The way of manufacturing the LED floor is very similar to that of advertising LED screens, but the LED floor is formed by a reinforced structure to support the weight of passers-by or objects and at the same time protect the LEDs to a very intense use. Each tile contains an LED matrix, which if we put them together we can create a large LED floor surface.

Interactive apps

The LEDLEMON LED display for the floor is an ideal product that transforms the pavement into an interactive experience, in which you can carry out various advertising activities. On the other hand, technological development has allowed the expansion of its characteristics; since the LED screens for the floor every time have a high resistance and robustness to support the weight of a vehicle if necessary.

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Characteristics of LED floors

LEDLEMON manufactures LED floors using very resistant modules or matrices, capable of supporting up to 400 kg per module.

The LEDLEMON modules for LED floors are covered by an extra resistant polycarbonate structure that provides us with the following characteristics:

  1. Anti slippery.
  2. Anti-scratch.
  3. Waterproof.
  4. Anti breakage.

LEDLEMON LED floors are manufactured in a type of intermediate pixel pitch resolution (P18). To avoid the unsightly separation between pixels from being appreciated, cubic and translucent modules are used, which distribute and dissipate the luminosity of each point, creating uniform units.

 LED flooring applications

The LED floors that we manufacture at LEDLEMON can be reproduce all kinds of videos, animations and moving images ... at the same time you can install auxiliary accessories such as motion capture cameras. These devices recreate scenes where users interact with the screen through their fingerprints and thus be able to develop interactive games.
LED floors for discotheques

LED floors for discotheques

We manufacture and install all types of LED floors of any size for nightclubs and nightclubs. We work with clients to find the best interactive LED flooring solution.

LED stage flooring

LED floors for scenery

LED floors on stages, catwalks or exhibition stands are a widely used option to attract the attention of spectators, with spectacular animations of striking colors.

LED floors for events

LED floors for advertising events

sIn all types of advertising events, LED floors are a guarantee of success. The resistance and brightness of LEDs make LED floors the best option to highlight any product.

Currently the latest models of outdoor LED screens are high brightness, high outdoor protection and low power consumption.


  • billo: 8.000 nits | 10.000 nits
  • AVG Power: only 147W / m2
  • Protection level: IP65 / IP54
  • Resolutions: P6.6 | P8 | Q10  
  • Low power and voltage integrated circuit.
  • Energy self-management.
  • Separate and efficient power supply.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment both at night and during the day.
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