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Lemon Led screens

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 LED screens, LedLemon products and solutions

No matter what your business is, we can design any led screen high quality for you. 

outdoor led monoposters

Outdoor LED display

We manufacture and install throughout the national territory LED monopoles and giant screens Extremely robust LEDs. Specialized in large shopping centers, dealerships and large events.

LED screens

Indoor LED screens

Manufacture of all types of indoor LED screens. We advise and help you make the best choice between our indoor LED products depending on height, distance, light and location.

Business led banners

LED banners

Install LED Banners for any establishment, a high resolution outdoor LED product that increases visibility and brand recognition, in addition to attracting potential customers.

Led displays for shop windows

 Showcases with LED Screen

We have a wide catalog of LED displays for shop windows with affordable prices that can be integrated into furniture, walls, columns, ceilings ...

LED mupis for town halls

LED screens for Town Halls

We have a wide catalog of LED products for municipalities. great for creating visual communication and content between citizens and the administration.

LED screens for stages and events

LED Screen for Stages and Events

Custom installation of led advertising screens for stages and events of all kinds. Give an innovative and technological corporate boost to your business.

Some of our LED screens installed throughout Spain

5 year warranty in all our products and LED screens.

Assistance and technical service included throughout the national territory. Our process begins with your vision. When it comes to creating a unique design for your space we can only use the best leds, that's why we offer up to 5 years warranty. LedLemon offers industry-leading LED display technology and solutions to transform your space into a modern digital world.

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Some customers who trust our advertising LED displays

We are professional experts in transforming space into a digital world, creating unforgettable experiences with LED screens and providing great value for money. We are proud of our work, and this has allowed us to gain a large portfolio of clients, some of whom are highly prestigious references.


We want to hear from you and your LED project, that's why we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.

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We design unique and reliable LED display systems based on the specific needs of your business.

En ledlemon we manufacture, assemble and install high-quality, custom-made, customizable and durable LED screens and LED video scoreboards

We are expert professionals and we offer a sales and rental service for LED devices to clients throughout Spain.

lemon led displays

Creative LED solutions

Each project is unique, and we pride ourselves on presenting custom LED solutions for each client. The fact of involving customers in your business is essential to create an experience unique and unforgettable. So let our team help you find the best LED display.

lemon 5 years warranty led

Quality LED products

Wide variety of high-quality LED displays, providing clear and detailed images. An extensive catalog of LED advertising with up to 5 years warranty for both interiors and exteriors. Consequently, this allows us to offer the ideal solution to successfully represent your brand and services.

led technical service lemon

Excellent Technical Service

Our company policy is to provide a 365 days a year world-class technical and post-sales video support to all our LED screens. Being a technology company means that we are oriented towards excellence to meet all standards.

4 advantages of installing electronic LED signs

Businesses or companies need to advertise to promote their products or services. LED advertising screens are very popular communication devices today, since, they bring great benefits because they offer a perfect display of the ads. In addition, they are a dynamic, innovative element that helps modernize aesthetics.

LED screens

More creative and impactful messages

One of the main advantages that advertising LED screens or electronic signs allow is that videos, images and even text can be combined easily and dynamically. Is scientifically proven that there is a positive emotional response to the content on LED screens. Because pedestrians have higher arousal in the brain. Consequently, they pay more attention to moving images or dynamic images. In addition, current LED screens have no time limit or format, so it is possible to create innovative advertising messages that will be internalized by the viewer who walks by.

LED screens for shop interior design

Great visual impact among users

Currently, advertising is very important for the benefits of any business, and more so with online competition. Actually, the important thing is to stand out. First, a screen stands out on its own, but if we also add dynamic multimedia content, it does not go unnoticed. In this sense, the LED screen is the best solution to advertise a business. Due to its large size, high brightness and bright color, it is difficult for users to ignore the displayed message.. In addition, flexible or curved LED screens can be chosen to adapt their shape to that of the premises, which makes them stand out more and modernizes both the establishment and the brand.

Digital signage in gyms

They have high durability and excellent quality


LED screens used in advertising have a great durability, since they can withstand great resistance to weathering and bad weather.  Furthermore, due to its higher brightness and resolution, the quality of these screens far exceeds that of traditional screens. It also highlights its longer useful life due to its great resistance.. This type of electronic signs and LED panels are of great quality, even if the sun shines directly on the screen and its LEDs, since it can display messages perfectly throughout the day.

Digital signage in shopping centers

Economically profitable and return on investment

The fact of not using traditional signs can save you a lot of money. In addition to better respecting the environment, since it can avoid the indiscriminate use of paper. It is also important to note that the LED screen content can be programmed remotely and instantly, using devices with Internet access.
Finally, compared to traditional illuminated billboards, projectors, or LCD TVs, the power consumption of LED displays is much lower. Consequently, the amount of the electricity bill decreases.



This new LNCB300 Controller it is a control system that allows unifying the management of both LED screens and any other multimedia device such as projectors and LCD screens. In addition, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor LED devices.
And the best of all! All content management from the same cloud platform and without monthly fees.

LCD and LEDs from the same app

World novelty: Everything in the cloud and without monthly payments!



An LED screen is a combination of individual LED modules or panels arranged together to display a perfect image. LED screens are ideal for advertising applications thanks to their excellent brightness. Each client has specific needs and LED screens have options to suit all tastes. These LED panels are made up of small bulbs called light emitting diodes (LEDs). These diodes emit the primary colors of light to be able to create any color through its mixture.


Transmitting information dynamically, decorating a shop or broadcasting advertising, attracting new customers, is possible thanks to LED screens. In fact, their use is becoming more frequent, since they are a rising value in the content advertising sector and the promotion of services and public information.

There are mainly two different types of LED screens, those of interior and those of Exterior. Both have characteristics in common such as high brightness. However, outdoor LED screens are more resistant and are prepared to withstand all kinds of inclement weather, which leads to an increase in price.

LED screens are a very useful tool for the dissemination of all kinds of messages by public organizations and private companies, both indoors and outdoors, transmitting offers, promotions, information or as decorative elements.

LED screens are becoming more and more common in business windows or in advertising placements. This is because an LED screen is the element that stands out the most on the streets, and consequently the best to attract new customers. Any company that invests in the installation of outdoor LED screens increases its capacity for commercial competition and in consequence its benefits.



They are designed to adapt to any project, LED screens are made to measure and can be giant or curved screens. They allow to display any type of images, graphics or videos, the LED screen helps to gain greater attention from the public and, therefore, a better retention of information. They can be used for advertising, both for oneself and to promote third parties, they can also be used aesthetically and/or decoratively.

Can be remotely controlled, so it greatly facilitates the versatility of its use. The technological specifications of the LED screens allow the transmission of a large amount of programmed content in an easy way through our app, such as the programmed load of advertisements, the programming of on and off times or the regulation of effects such as brightness or contrast. .


LED screens can be used as backdrops on large walls for events and conventions, or as smaller editable digital screens, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the advancement of technology, they have become increasingly resistant, so the site and location are rarely an impediment. More and more sectors are encouraged to implement this type of technology in their facilities and facades, such as: airports, stations, health centers, shops, hairdressers...

 LedLemon LED screens are high brightness, are made to measure, have low consumption and are remotely programmable, we also offer excellent value for money.


Some customers who trust our advertising LED displays

Our experience in transforming space into a digital world, creating unforgettable LED screen experiences and providing great value for money. It has provided us with a large portfolio of prestigious benchmark clients.


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