LED and LCD screens for medical centers, hospitals and dental clinics

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Advantages of Digital Signage in Hospitals and Clinics

 More and more managers of health centers, medical offices and clinics have decided to bet on LED screens in hospitals. Receptions, waiting rooms, cafeterias and other public areas and rooms are very suitable for installing these LED advertising and informational stands for patients, visitors, medical and administrative personnel. The versatility of the content is one of the advantages of any LED screen, since this format allows to provide promotional space and useful information, such as advice on health, news, data on facilities, etc. There are also entertainment activities, which can make the waiting time for patients and those who visit them more pleasant.

Grab the attention of your patients with LED and LCD screens

It should be noted that the LED and LCD digital advertising have 10 times more attention than static media, and good digital advertising It can reduce the perception of waiting time by up to 70%.

Indoor LED displays in hospitals are not only ideal for patients and those close to them: they can also be an excellent management tool for hospitals and are a cheap alternative to traditional commercial signs.

The alternative to traditional advertising

If your patients have to wait, they will appreciate it if you make their waiting time as pleasant as possible. By using digital signage with LED and LCD screens in dental clinics and health centers, you can inform all patients of important matters and answer the most common questions.

The LED display allows multiple messages to be transmitted: for example, providing information on the medical center, waiting time and other data on users of the health system and other facilities, all in one support.

Continuous communication via LED or LCD digital signage display saves everyone a lot of time and connects visitors to the clinic or health center.

Led and lcd screens for clinics and hospitals
Led and lcd screens for clinics and hospitals
Led and lcd screens for clinics and hospitals

Specific software for digital content

At LEDLEMON we have developed a special product that is easy to use in the field of health and wellness. Create audiovisual content quickly and easily with your own content software, use our library of 100+ video templates, add your own information and clever!.

Additionally, with the help of our content library, you can embed news, entertainment videos, or health information into these content. All these these benefits with your own corporate image.

Digital Signage applications in health centers

Led and lcd screens for clinics and hospitals

Advantage of advertising LED screens and Digital Signage in health centers

By using the LED digital signage in the health area, you can always see information about your clinic or health center. You can inform patients if their appointment will be delayed and which doctors will be present.

With the help of LED digital signage displays and Digital Signage, patients can know their waiting time in real time, thus increasing patient satisfaction.

With our software you will create your own programs in which the waiting time information is always displayed. With the Quick Edit function, you can set these times very easily without having to log into the digital signage system.

Led and lcd screens for clinics and hospitals

Queue management system with Digital Signage

LED digital signage is easily linked to a customer queue and wait time management system.

Multiple workers can view the system simultaneously by pressing a button on the desktop.

The patient immediately sees when it is his turn and in which consultation he is expected.

Long Life Professional LCD Monitors

At LEDLEMON we are installers and distributors specialized in Professional LCD Monitors Indoor or for special Indoor for shops, shopping centers, trade fair stands, hotels, meeting rooms, hospitals, clinics etc.

LCD Monitors Features

  • Ultra-thin and ultra-thin design, with aluminum frame and tempered glass.
  • High performance, protection elegance and design.
  • Content update support and maintenance via wireless.
  • The ultra-thin LCD screen, highlights the quality of Full HD with 4K option.
  • Configuration vertical or horizontal for content presentation.
  • Multiple entries video professionals.
  • Frame for handling and assembly in a professional way, perfect for the rental or renting market.
  • Continuous ignition 7 × 24 hours. Lifespan of up to 60.000 hours.


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