Points of sale with LED screens

4 Nov, 2022 | LED screens

A point of sale is the place where a company has a contact with a potential customer.  For this reason, retail displays (points of sale) must be eye-catching and attractivein order to attract customers. A point of sale can be a store, we want customers to look at the window and this is achieved very well with LCD displays and LED screens.

Why are points of sale so important?

We want to differentiate ourselves from the competition, a good point of sale helps improve the positioning of our brandthus achieving higher income.

A point of sale, such as a shop window, must capture the attention of passers-by so that they want to learn more about the products or services and also remember the store/brand. The point of sale or showcase is the most important to attract customers, depending on the retail display we can win or lose a sale, so they must be attractive and eye-catching to invite people to enter the store and encourage them to buy.

Led displays for shop windows

Points of sale with LCD display and LED screens. 

points of sale or point of sale (POS) with LCD displays or shop windows with LED screens allow modernizing the business and at the same time are more striking than conventional posters, since they emit multimedia content in a dynamic way with bright colors.

Thanks to LCD displays and LED screens, we get points of sale to better capture the attention of potential customers and convey more dynamic and customizable messages thus achieving a more modern, careful and attractive brand image.

Advantages of retail displays with

LED screens and LCD display.


The POS TV, Televisions for the Point of Sale, that is to say for the points of sale, such as LCD monitors or LED screens, allow to transmit a very specific message to highlight the strengths of your product. 

There are many types of retail displays such as LCD monitors, the led screens, the LED Mupis, etc. These Multimedia POS can be placed in shop windows to attract more customers or inside the point of sale, for example next to a product, showing its specifications and even allowing interaction with customers through LCD touch screens.

Hen/Stag LED screens and LCD point-of-sale devices can update remotely, so you can adapt the point of sale of your business to the time of year, summer, Christmas, sales, black friday. You will be able to program promotional videos, multimedia content with demonstrations of your product and much more.

In addition, you can update the point of sale easily and remotely, thus maintaining the modern and dynamic brand image so important to establish a client portfolio.

LCD or LED screens for points of sale?

The choice depends on the type of use that is going to be given to it, we recommend an LCD or an LED screen. Contact us and we will advise you and help you decide.

For small screens in the form of a display, next to the products inside the store, the best will be an LCD display. On the other hand, in shop windows or for larger and more customizable screens, LED screens are the best. Here are some of the advantages of LED screens: 

  • Price: Compared with other advertising media of similar scope, it is the most economical.
  • Versatility: There are all sizes to suit any type of event. In addition to being able to take advantage of it for different types of promotions.
  • Resistance: Designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, very durable.
  • Impact: They quickly impact people, the simplicity and dynamism of the messages make a greater impression.

We are experts in LED screens. If you want more information, ask for your tailored budget without commitment.


LedLemon, specialists in improving points of sale.


At LedLemon we are experts in the manufacture, assembly and installation of LED screens, LCD monitors, LED mupis and any type of device for points of sale, TV POS.

LedLemon fixtures are of high quality, high brightness and have long durability. LedLemon's technical team will advise you personally to improve your point of sale to the maximum, adapting to your needs. In addition, being manufacturers of LED screens, we adapt the dimensions to your requirements.

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