LED screens for movie studios

Led screens for film production

The use of LED screens for movie studios is booming.

LED screens in movie studios are used for virtual production. The new method of filming includes LED screens to project scenes at the same time as filming, thus obtaining Complex and spectacular visual effects for the camera.

Many experts in the film industry have considered this method one of the most innovative technologies of the last decades, and is expected to revolutionize the way audiovisual production is done around the world.

The use of LED screens in the cinema is becoming more and more widespread, from the use of giant LED screens instead of the classic cinema screens for the projection of films, until its use to create visual effects and replace the famous chroma.

This means moving from editing with computers to add special effects afterwards, to high quality image generation way simultaneously with the recording of the scenes. Therefore, LED screens for cinema revolutionize the visual effects of film premieres.

LED displays allow in-camera visual effects and manipulate digital objects in a scene in real time


LED screens for film studios make it possible to create a shooting scene where the actors and some real elements are placed in the foreground and installed in the background. LED screens, usually high resolution curves to generate the background.

An LED screen is also installed on the ceiling, thus ensuring that the actors are surrounded by an LED background. The high resolution of the LED screen and the fact that the background itself casts light onto the scene make it impossible to distinguish between the real and the virtual on camera.

As the LED screens project directly onto the actors and objects in the scene, apart from allowing a better immersion of the actors in the role, the light projected by the LED background is converted into reflected light. This effect is not achieved with a chroma key background and the light must be added in post production. Also, the use of real-time graphics allows the background to move according to the camera's perspective, as in a real scene. In photography, this movement of the background is called parallax.

All this allows to obtain more realistic results and reduce post-production work. This is why it has been talked about for a long time replacement of chroma key by LED screens in film studios.

Visual effects with LED screens for film studios

The film industry has opted to introduce LED technology in the creation of its visual effects for the quality of the resulting image. Because LED screens give a lot of realism. Specifically, using giant curved LED screens, with sizes of about 6 meters high and more than 22 in diameter.

Computers have made it possible for more and more movies and series to be recorded with high-resolution images broadcast on these giant LED screens in the background. Obtaining a spectacular result. With LED technology, projection screen takes on a new meaning.

Led screens for virtual reality

Advantages of using LED screens in visual effects production

La chroma key technique It consists of extracting a color from a video and replacing the space that that color occupied in the recording with another video, the green color is usually used. This in the cinema supposes that the actor or actress interprets the scene of her in front of a green cloth. The limitations that this supposes are not only that the actor cannot wear green, but also that they have more difficulties to be immersed in the scene and thus be able to feel in the role of their character, in addition to requiring post-production to introduce the desired background and modify the images according to the light of each scene of that background.

LED screens for movie studios solve these problems by allowing the creation of a real atmosphere in the scenes in the cinema. The actor or actress can see their surroundings and position themselves in the scene with less effort. The feeling of being in a real environment is totally increased and so is the quality of the film.

led screens studios for cinema

Changes to the scene in real time

For cinematographers and production managers, real-time rendering technology has opened up a world of possibilities, previously reserved for post-production. The ability to add or remove items and perform all the composition at the same time ensures that you have more control over the final image.

led screens studios for cinema

More immersion of actors and production

With the installation of LED screens on a set, actors and actresses have the feeling of being in a specific space on the stage and knowing at all times what is being shot. It's quite the opposite on sets with Croma, where the entire team doesn't know where they are and can suffer disconnection when filming.

led screens studios for cinema

Economic reduction in production

The key to audiovisual production is economic value. If finally LED technology did not translate into an economic reduction even in production, LED screens in virtual production would be discarded.

With all of the above, it is clear that producers pay all the investment in a production system with LED screens. But also because the investment is reusable for any other production.

led screens studios for cinema

Light and color control

The LED display may have the same color correction as the color correction specified on the camera. In this way, it is much easier to integrate virtual elements with real elements.
The composition becomes more uniform because it affects all visible elements, from bulky elements to wardrobe elements. In the end, all this will make all the elements of the scene integrate better.
Diffusion, glare and reflection of light are actually like in the real world.

led screens studios for cinema

Less post-production time

Unlike post-production with Croma, where the composition work is done at the end of the recording, with the use of LED screens it is the opposite. Since, by doing a large part of the visual composition on the same set, the work required in the post-production phase is greatly reduced.

But instead, you have to do a superior job in the pre-production phase, since you have to arrive at the shoot with all the virtual and real elements prepared and ready.

led screens studios for cinema

Less use of Chroma

As there is a virtual stage that is already perfectly integrated into the camera, the need to add elements in post-production such as Chroma is reduced. But even so, the use of LED screens in production allows the chroma backgrounds to continue to be used in a much more dynamic way, now the Croma can only be used in the necessary area.

led screens studios for cinema

Reduction of filming abroad

In productions with futuristic themes, landscape changes are continuous. In many of the original or older films, it means moving the entire film crew to different environments around the world. This supposes a huge final cost for the production.

The great advantage of virtual production with LED screens is that any landscape, climate or lighting condition can be reproduced without leaving the set.. In this way, the technicians have everything under control without any shocks when filming.

curved led displays

Characteristics of curved LED screens

Flexible LED displays have a variety of colors to choose from, including monochrome, tri-color, and full color.

Thanks to its base of deformable rubber and the magnetic parts embedded in its back, can take a variety of forms and can be placed on metal surfaces easily and quickly. This makes it easy to install and allows flexibility to change the mounting.

Flexible LED display can be bent

Curved or flexible LED displays allow us to form unconventional designs and configurations, thus freeing the creativity of the interior designers of film studios and television sets.
The flexible LED display module is specially designed with rubber plastic parts that can be bent concave and convex without affecting the normal operation of the LED diode board.

Magnetic front hold

With the powerful magnets, Flexible LED display modules can be easily placed anywhere to form different creative LED display shapes, These magnets allow both installation and maintenance to be performed from the front.

Curved LED displays


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