LED screens for sporting events: Video scoreboard

Basketball game video scoreboard

A video scoreboard is an essential element to be able to visualize both the score and the best moments of the match. In sports centers like basketball pavilions, soccer fields or large Olympic stadiums, it is really necessary to have an LED screen as a video scoreboard.

Currently, sports LED screen technology offers enormous possibilities for any sporting event, both indoors and outdoors. APart of the common use of the video scoreboard to track score and time, videos and advertisements can also be played in real time.

The LED Videowall and LED Fanwall are the new essential advertising and promotional key in sports venues. LED digital video scoreboards and perimeter LED screens provide the best immediate advertising platform for sporting events, as they attract the attention of the attending public.


To optimize the use of an LED video scoreboard, a large outdoor LED screen or any LED screen, it is necessary to have state-of-the-art LED technology. In addition to LED software that allows the user to easily broadcast the desired content at any time and remotely. At LEDLEMON each client has a technical supervisor, dedicated exclusively to control before, during and after the installation, in order to guarantee client satisfaction throughout the process.

outdoor led screen lemon
outdoor led screen lemon


Our goal is to help make your advertising vision a reality. Therefore, we will advise you at all times to offer you the latest trends and LED technology to increase your visual impact.

We manufacture and install any size and shape of LED screen, both indoors and outdoors. We also advise you on the choice so that you can choose the screen that best suits your needs, whether it is a video scoreboard, a perimeter LED screen or any other LED screen. You will be able to remotely and instantly broadcast any advertisement, video and image on your new LED screen.

Types of LED screens for sports facilities:

We manufacture and install all types of LED digital signage for sports environments throughout Spain. We also work abroad.
Always following the highest quality standards and with up to 5 years of guarantee on all products.

Perimeter led screens for stadiums and pavilions

Perimeter LED Screens:

 They allow the entire perimeter of the football field, stadiums and pavilions to be covered with high-resolution perimeter LED screens so that advertisements can be broadcast during sporting events. This type of LED advertising sign contains rubber protection, which improves its impact resistance and prevents players from being hit and injured.
Perimeter LED screens can be for both indoors and outdoors, the only difference is that the outdoor ones are resistant to atmospheric phenomena such as rain, wind and snow. They usually have a standard height of 96cm and are adjustable in inclination for optimal viewing.

Led video scoreboard in stadiums

Sports Video Scoreboard:

 Large indoor or outdoor LED screens with video scoreboard functions are replacing classic scoreboards.

The benefits of these new video bookmarks are limitless. Thanks to its innovative software, they allow the transmission of advertisements, repetitions of plays, showing the result and extra content.
LEDLEMON's LED video markers are made to measure, studying at all times the site where it is going to be installed, as well as the height and orientation of the display.

More and more clubs choose to modernize with video scoreboards.

Rotating LED displays for sporting events

Outdoor LED screens for sports:

Sports LED screens offer great advantages for the attending public. Allowing broadcast multimedia content widely and with high added value that take place both inside and outside the stadium.
The outdoor LED electronic screens manufactured by LEDLEMON for stadiums and soccer fields offer great brightness and excellent image quality. Allowing to be seen from all angles and positions of the stadium both inside and outside. Its maximum self-managed brightness and contrast quality allows your content to be viewed perfectly in broad daylight.

How to choose the size of my LED screen?

Before choosing the size of an LED screen for our business or company, we have to know the viewing distance of said LED screen, that is, the distance at which the viewer will see it.

For example, if we want an indoor LED screen for our store that will be seen from 3 meters away, we would have enough with a 2x1m screen, which is equivalent to a size of 2m2.

These measurements are kept proportionally as we move away from the LED screen.

Another case would be if for an outdoor LED screen for an event or concert and with spectators 50m away, then we would need a 20x10m screen, which is equivalent to a size of 20m2.

Even so, the size will always be according to the space where it has to be installed and the Pixel resolution of the LED screen.

If you have doubts regarding the pixelation and the size you want for your LED project, it is best to be advised by the LEDLEMON professionals, who advise you at all times to choose the best option.


We want to know about you and your LED project. For this reason, we invite you to send us our contact form. Once we hear from you, we will contact you to advise you with the best LED screen at the best price.


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