LED technology revolutionizes the Retail sector

12 Nov, 2020 | Digital Signage, LED screens

We recently did a post on how LED digital signage and Digital Signage affect the buying process. In just a few years, the increasingly widespread installation of these large LED advertising displays has reached a large number of shop windows and has become increasingly popular. Currently, they can be considered as a basic element of brand communication.

Having elements that attract the attention of the potential buyer, such as LED advertising screens, to broadcast services and products of the business, always gives results.

But to stand out from the competition, having a conventional flat screen is not enough to attract potential customers. To achieve the greatest impact, companies are looking for new strategies, and Digital Signage offers many solutions.

Every day we seek to offer LED technology with higher resolution, brightness and contrast, adding other elements ... Interaction plays an important role in this sense, LED technology integrates augmented reality systems and incorporates touch support to interact with the user.

LED applications in the retail sector:

Curved LED displays:

This type of screens has the peculiarity that the LED modules are integrated on a chassis with a curvature. They can be installed vertically with horizontally on the ceiling.

Led screens for shopping centers

LED screens as POS displays:

Exhibitor or dynamic POS ideal for shop windows, show rooms, product launches ... Composed of led screens integrated into the display case. It allows creating dynamic spaces optimizing costs and spaces.

Led screens for the retail sector

LED lines or bars:

Reduced size led lines or bars are especially designed to be placed on the shelves of the gondolas of the shops, although they can also be integrated into POS, furniture and decoration.

Led screens for the retail sector

Decorative LED screens for interior design:

Our led modules can be used to create irregularly shaped displays for columns, furniture, POS headers, decoration of walls, floors and ceilings, shop windows, corners, signs ...

Led screens for the retail sector

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