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Receiving card for an advertising LED screen

28 Sep, 2021 | LED screens

On the LED advertising screen, The receiving card or (RECEIVING CARD) plays an essential role in the proper functioning of this. Although there are some optional components on the screen depending on the situation, such as a light sensor, it is impossible to bypass the receiving card, so it is worth understanding how it works, at least in very basic terms.

Receiver card for LED display

At LEDLEMON, we want our customer to fully understand how advertising LED displays work, so we want to explain the role of each component and device.

What is the receiving card of an LED screen for?

The receiving card is in charge of receiving the video data and assigning it to each LED chip that makes up the screen., forming the image into a complete and neat corresponding size.

Receiver card for LED display

The effectiveness of the receiving card will depend on its ability to send this data in real time., which means that the data processing speed must be fast enough so that the different components involved in the process can process the information in time.

Based on the data processing capacity (and its speed), the price of the receiver card installed in the LED display will be determined.

How to synchronize the Receiver Card?

Receiver card for LED display

The receiving card works synchronously with other elements of the LED display and can integrate other elements and functions on the same card.

In short, when the receiving card is working, it continuously communicates with the sending card and the display.

Furthermore, we find that the receiver card can also perform functions such as monitoring internal temperature of the screen, signal source or communication source control, monitoring, color adjustment and detection of possible risk events (such as smoke or unauthorized access).

Receiver card for LED display

By understanding in real time the internal temperature of the display or whether there is smoke or unauthorized access and other factors, serious problems can be prevented. Therefore, the receiving card can command the device to shut down urgently and compensate for any unfavorable conditions. In addition to automatic actions, all of these events should send alerts to users to inform them of the problem and take manual actions.

Location of the Receiver Card on your advertising LED screen

If you already have an LED screen, and you are interested in knowing where to find a receiving card that provides data, You can find it connected directly to the modules that make up the LED screen.

Receiver card for LED display

Under normal circumstances, we will find a single receiving card, and the screen size is the deciding factor. Undoubtedly, the larger the screen size, the more processing power the receiving card must provide.

For special projects with large or giant displays, a high performance receiver card or a network configured correctly with multiple cards working together.

What quality does a receiving card need?

As with any component in LED advertising displays, we need the highest possible quality to obtain the best results. Therefore, we must ensure that all components of the display comply with the standard.

The receiving card would have to meet quality standards for data processing to be correct with respect to the LED display.

Receiver card for LED display

The problem is that users of LED screens can rarely judge the quality of these components because they are technologically very complex. Therefore, the priority is to obtain quality assurance from the supplier, who will assume the primary responsibility for delivering a product that meets quality standards.

LEDLEMON offer the best value for money to ensure that users have the best components in their LED advertising display. All of these meet industry quality standards. At the same time, we offer a warranty of up to 5 years and free after-sales technical support.

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