Reasons to install LED screens in shop windows

2 Jun, 2021 | LED screens

LED displays in the shop window, also known as LED digital display, is an innovative multimedia system that can display the company's outdoor advertising through an indoor LED screen.

These LED displays are resistant to high temperatures because they are designed to be installed inside stores. Together with the installation of monitors at the point of sale, they are the perfect strategy to promote brand products and services in a modern and current way. Are Special LED displays for digital signage have built-in brightness sensors They can adjust their lighting based on current lighting conditions.

What business needs an outdoor LED screen?

It is strongly recommended that all types of businesses use outdoor advertising LED displays. For example shops, health centers, hotels or travel agencies, hotels. These monitors are designed to withstand high intensity sunlight and ensure perfect visibility in inclement weather.

Top reasons for installing LED displays in shop windows

Attract the attention of customers: LED digital storefronts are the most effective way to attract the attention of potential prospects. They can be adjusted and updated immediately. See the results that are digital ads in shopping malls. There are always video wall ads filled with moving images.

Improve your company's reputation: the digital signage system is relatively new; therefore, its use can help you increase your reputation and customer trust. In this way, your business shows users that it is a modern company that seeks to reach its potential customers using different media and platforms.

Show your product to the outside world: Do you have a business on a high-traffic shopping street? The showcase display will help you promote the products inside and highlight the products you want.

Improve your brand image: You can include the logo, your brand image or different graphic elements to enhance your company and differentiate yourself from other businesses.

Save economically: Although it may seem that installing an LED screen in a shop window is a great investment, in a short time it will be amortized. Its maintenance is low and in addition, the disassembly system is comfortable and economical. The costs of multimedia production are low, since you can create your advertising campaigns on a computer and load it into the software program on the fly.

Create personalized content instantly: you can choose what you want to show customers at all times. Control your advertising messages. It will stop and start a campaign whenever it wants. Even when your store is closed but you have a 24-hour online promotion.

It offers countless multimedia possibilities: you can incorporate images, videos, texts or animations ... The limitations are set by your creativity!

If your company or business needs an outdoor LED screen for any escape, do not hesitate to contact LEDLEMON so that we can advise you and make you the best economic offer on the market with the best LED technology.

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