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What is the refresh rate on LED screens?

28 Oct, 2020 | LED screens

How many times have we tried to record a video to a big screen or monitor with a mobile phone or a camera, and we discovered that those annoying lines that prevent us from recording the video properly?

In the following post, we explain the reasons for this phenomenon and give you some tips that can help you fix this problem.

First of all we have to define what is "Refresh frequency"

La refresh rate (or refresh rate) of an LED display it is explained very simply. It tells us how many images are displayed on our LED screen in one second. The unit of measurement is Hertz (Hz) and we can also translate it to FPS (frames per second).

In other words, if the LED screen we are looking at has a 60 Hz frequency, means that 60 images (or frames) are played per second. This value is adequate to the naked eye, since the human eye does not usually perceive the change in the image at a speed greater than 40 FPS. Whenever we see an LED screen above 40 FPS it will be displayed continuously and without changes.

Led screens for television dishes

Our camera usually has a refresh rate of 30 or 60 FPS that generally matches the LED screen that we want to make the video.If we synchronize the moment of recording of our camera with the moment that the image is changing, we will thus avoid the black lines of frame change.

When a giant LED screen is installed on a television set, it is essential to increase the refresh rate to avoid this annoying effect.. With the camera of our smartphone we can focus on the LED screen until the moment of synchronizing both frequencies so that the point at which the image change does not occur.

At this point it is also important to know what the Frame Interpolation is that some hardware players generate. These systems generate new frames by making a comparative calculation between two consecutive frames. In this way, they generate a new intermediate image between 2 real frames of the video content. These interpolated frames allow you to play content with more frames per second, offering improved playback and fluidity of content with accelerated movements.

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