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Outdoor LED screens in advertising campaigns

7 Feb, 2021 | LED screens

The success of advertising depends on your ability to attract the attention of potential consumers. Undoubtedly, one of the latest developments in outdoor advertising strategies is the use of outdoor LED screens and LED technology, which are applied in the form of fences, partitions and facades or individual digital mono posters.

Advertising LED screens are more common in public places and have become part of street furniture. Initially they were installed in shop windows and shopping centers, but soon they took to the streets, moved to bus stations, built facades and even began to replace the traditional billboards on the roads.

What are the causes of this change in advertising habits? First of all, the owners of LED displays can change the advertisement at the push of a button at any time and location, allowing them to act quickly in different situations that may arise: at eight in the morning we can schedule announcements of products for breakfast; at two in the afternoon, we project products for lunch, etc. We can fully customize advertising based on our own objectives and respond to the consumer with our advertising.

And it is that these screens are a way of making money for everyone, not only for the owners of the screens and for advertisers, but also for companies outside of advertising and individuals who have an ideal place for advertisements, such as a well-located building in a town.

The manufacture of LED screens of any size and format allows them to be installed on any façade, individual vertical columns and large windows. In addition, thanks to its great luminosity, it allows it to attract the attention of consumers at great distances even during the day.

Advertising LED displays can contain videos, text and moving images, but it can also contain information of interest to citizens, such as time, news, weather forecast, maps or temperature, which actually makes them another useful item for passersby.

At LEDLEMON as a leading company in the manufacture of LED screens and electronic signs, we will advise any company that wants to increase sales and expand its brand in a growing market, outdoor digital signage is an idea worth considering and has a bright future.

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