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LED screens for Parkings

LEDLEMON manufactures LED banners and LED electronic signs especially for public and private car parks, these LED banners provide useful information for drivers. Information such as indicating free spaces, accesses to parking, while offering complementary information of interest such as: time, date, temperature or parking rates.

At LEDLEMON we install luminous LED screens for parking lots at the parking entrances so that drivers on the street can easily and quickly view it. These luminous LED displays for parking garages can highlight, attract attention and inform, in order to avoid unnecessary turns by the driver and gain safety at the wheel.

Undoubtedly, most car parks use this type of LED signaling for parking. The reason is based on the ease of programming these electronic LED displays. Bright LED displays can also be used with sensors to notify customers when parking is full or when it is about to close. In addition, with the help of LEDs and luminous signs you can promote services such as car washes, as well as any other type of advertisements that you want to share with your customers.

All LEDLEMON parking screens allow the display of programmable texts, time, temperature, graphics and videos ... Since they are extremely easy to program, adjust the brightness or preview messages and / or effects on the screen. Wide variety of appearance effects as well as the programming of the time of automatic on and off. They also have the possibility of programming the playback of messages by time slot.

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How to control my LED Screen for my Parking

At LEDLEMON we have specific software for the use of the banner, which allows to control one or more screens for your parking lot / s, being able to control it / s from any computer or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to our remote control system, you can control several LED displays for car parks in various locations, from a single administration panel. And to be able to change and show messages, announcements, temperature, available places, time, date ...

Our remote control system includes advanced programmer, an interface to control content; a content library to load digital photo, video and sound files in various formats; a multi-screen control, ideal for individual or multiple programming; on and off control, to control operating times.

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