Brightness and contrast of your LED screen

12 Sep, 2020 | LED screens

Before buying your LED screen for your business or company you need to know what the Contrast and Brightness are. Two very important concepts for the proper functioning of this advertising web technology.


Also called luminosity, is the value that determines the intensity of the black color, the darkest color of the LED display and is measured with candela per square meter or nits (cdm2).
Brightness is a very important value as it sets the way to adjust and display the colors on an advertising LED screen.


Contrast is a black and white measurement method through LED chips running in a display pane.
In other words, if the black you see in the picture is completely dark and strong, the contrast of the LED screen will be high.
The lower the contrast, you will notice how the backlight weakens the black and makes it appear a bit gray.
Summarizing and clarifying: the stronger the contrast, the greater the intensity or vividness of black and white.
The lower the contrast, the black and white will be slightly weaker.

Ways to measure contrast

You have most likely seen numbers written like this: 500: 1 or 2000: 1.
It is the equivalence of XXX: 1, which refers to the ratio of the brightest white to the darkest black.
If you are a photography or design professional, the equivalence must be at least 2000: 1.
However in advertising LED screens we do not need such high contrast values.

The advertising LED display market offers another solution, dynamic contrast.
This function is a solution to the problem of backlighting caused by LED technology,
as it regulates the levels of background lighting generated by LED screens to produce absolute or dense blacks.
In this way we will have better quality of black tones in dark scenes.

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